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Free «Making Sense of the Media» Essay Sample

Media has been instrumental in the society and politics since its influence in shaping thought cannot be underestimated. Media is the mirror of the society since they reflect what the society thinks on issues (Fourie, 2010). Notably, media is not restricted to informing the public rather they shape the thinking pattern as well. According toGerald (1993), the role of the media is to inform the media; therefore, it is the responsibility of the journalism to be factual and unbiased. Essentially this is because people have misused media as an avenue of spreading propaganda causing conflict in the society. George ( 2003) states that the manipulation of media has led to losing ground of competence for self-expression. This paper will unravel the impact of the damaging psychological and sociological of the media. People who pay attention to events today will realize that the government is all the time robbing its citizens the ability to think rationally with an authentic self-expression. The governments have gagged the media making them not to report facts and entrusting information to the people to make their own interpretation (Gerald, 1993). This has infringed people rights in working out their critical reasoning and ability to deliver their own judgments. It is easy to see a clear line between the insensible use of linguistic wherewithal in cleverly reinforcing the government influence and facts. The government and the media have been providing information by using non-neural words and descriptors that do not give a breathing space to self-expression. These descriptor, euphemisms, and misleading linguistics convey a subtle message that media has a crucial role in informing the public. Fourie (2003) argues that this is the reason why governments perpetuate their agenda of silencing the public from information. Media acts as a social agent control by creating a false class of consciousness to distract people from realities. It is worth noting that media has surpassed the role religion is playing by transmitting ideologies that spread fast regardless o the truth in it.


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