Free «Compare and Contrast School Teachers and Parents» Essay Sample

A teacher is a person who provides schooling for pupils and students. A teacher who facilitates education for an individual student may also be described as a personal tutor. A teacher has an ongoing formal role that he carries out by way of occupation or profession at school or any other place of formal education. A teacher must be specially trained to obtain the required educational qualifications and professional skills. Teachers provide education instruction in literacy and numerals, craftsmanship of vocational training among many other disciplines. On the contrary, Bureau of labor statistics defines a parents are people who take care of an offspring of their own species. A parent can be a father or a mother of a child or children. a child can have one parent but must have two biological parents.

Teachers can be parents and parents can be teachers. Unlike teachers, parents do not need any training or professional skills in order to become a parent. Both parents and teachers help children with learning. However, the learning environment differs. The learning environment for the student at school or any other learning institution is different from that at home. Additionally, there are specific disciplines taught by teachers. However, parent conduct informal teaching to their education. They teach their children moral and other important skills that are helpful to their children in life (Clark 1).

The availability of parents necessitate the availability of children hence the necessity for teachers and not vice versa. Though teachers and parents all teach, the students differ. At school, the students are not the children teachers. However, parents teach their own biological children (or adopted children in other cases). Additionally, teachers are paid for their work while parents are not. Teachers and parents complement each other. Despite these differences, they all have a common goal of securing a better future for the children.


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