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Advertising can be described as a means of communicating to an audience with a view of persuading them to use or experiment some services, products or ideas. Advertising agencies can be described as service oriented businesses that focus on planning, creating and handling promotion and advertising. Mainly they have clients for whom they do the promotions and advertisements.

Thesis statement

In this paper, I will focus on the different types of advertising agencies, impacts of advertising agencies, and the different means or media these agencies use to communicate to the audience. It is wise to note that there are different advertising agencies designed suit different sizes of sponsors or businesses depending on economic prowess of the client. Some are very expensive whereas others are easily affordable.

Types of advertising agencies

A client depending on need may be forced to choose an agency that best suits the needs. There is a wide range of advertising agencies form which a choice might be made (MacKinnon).



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Full service agency

With this type of an advertising agency, full services are offered. The services start from the creative stage up to the releases of the advertisement. Sometimes they might go to the extent of launching of products and evaluation of the impacts of the advert. Their goal would be ensuring that their clients receive maximum profits form their products and be able to sell even without the agencies services. The agencies are forced to have different departments handling several stages of media selection, productions of the advert, and planning.

Specialized agency

This type of agency focuses on one stage in the production. They may focus on the creative part of the production and are forced to sometimes to partner with other advertising agencies in order to create the desired impact.

These agencies may specialize in areas like; financial maters, recruitment, retail, medical, travel and tours, and investment. A specialized agency needs the expertise and knowledge in that field that is why it is hard to multi tasks its services.

In-house agency

This is where a company has its advertising agency instead of outsourcing for it. The client is the advertiser, and this give the company ample time to; time release of adverts and monitor them from time to time since the team is employed to focus on advertising and the impacts of the company’s product s in a full time basis. The in-house agency role is, to safe the commissions paid to outsourced advertising agencies and have full control of the process of popularizing its products and services.

The most striking demerit of in house agency is inadequate flexibility, objectivity and less experience ( On the other hand, it boasts of cost saving techniques, increase coordination as well as having control of the whole process.

Interactive agencies

These offer a wide range f services but via the social media. They view the internet as a key tool in creating awareness of a product. Depending site accessed by the target group the adverts will be placed strategically that they will be hard to miss.

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Media used by advertising agencies

In deciding which advertising media the agencies will use several considerations have to be made. The media should be cost effective, the target audience has to be considered and also the coverage required. The frequency at which the advertisement is seen or heard by the target group will help a lot in promoting a product or a service. Moreover, the larger the area covered the more chances of getting potential consumers of a product. Several media are employed by the agencies to promote goods and services of their clients. These include;

01)  Out-door advertising.

These include trade shows, events, billboards and kiosks with a products name or image imposed on them. This form of advertising is designed to attract and persuade the outdoor customers.

Broadcast advertising

In the modern world, this is very common.  It mainly uses television, radio and the internet to reach the audience. Of much importance, is the television media, a huge percentage of middle level income homes have a television set, making adverts to be aired during popular programs via the television has been seen as the most effective way of advertising in the modern world. This advert will receive wide coverage as well as different target groups depending on timing of the advert.

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The include thing like fliers, magazines, newspapers and magazines. This is a common practice virtually in all corners of the world today. Different advertising agencies may decide to place adverts of their clients on sections of print media based on how much the client is willing to pay. Different sections of the print media cost differently depending on size and popularity of the sections (Manohar).

Reasons for investing in advertising agencies

The sole aim of advertising is increasing sales of a service or a product. Several other reasons exist though. These are;

v  Creating awareness a new product or service.

v  Maintaining a brands’ image or identity.

v  Communicating to the audience on changes in product lines.

v  Efforts to increase the buzz value of the company or it brands.


In the present day world, advertising agencies are of great importance to businesses whether new or old. The competitive nature of the product and services today requires expertise of these agencies to hold promotions and continued maintenance of products images in the relevant target groups. Their impacts cannot be underestimated.


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