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Ethics is key to success. The sentence cannot be denied by anyone at anytime and at any cost. Each social activity demands ethics to complete it in a good manner. Beside all the facts it is definite that business cannot be run without ethics and responsibility. Business ethics require calm and communal postures that always take care about the responsibilities. Moreover, it is duty of every professional to properly put his concentration to the work he is responsible of. Otherwise, multitasking in same time cannot allow to concentrate and vitally against business ethics. Therefore, it should not be follow by a real professional and discourage by every professional.

Article synopsis:

The article “The Ethics of Multitasking” written by Bruce Weinstein is about the reality of current happening in the business activities. It tells about the affects of multitasking, the writer has so scholarly discussed the unethical multitasking matter in all its aspects. It has covered almost all dimensions of professional and business life. Moreover, it has opened the disadvantages of multitasking and its affects on the work performance. The article is quite successful in creating perception about the very unethical matter of doing more than one tasks at a time.



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Article reflects the true picture of western world which has pride on its advancement in shape of technology. The technology has created ease, but, it also involved oneself in many tasks which actually damaged the quality of work as well as the worker’s performance. For instance, if somebody is working as engineer in a company and takes the advantage of knowledge and technology. And he starts to work as freelance engineer on part time basis. He cannot manger his work performance and quality of work even in any of the activity he performs. Therefore, multitasking not only create bad affects on your work performance but also involve you in an unethical business activity.

The reasons behind:

There are several reasons behind multitasking. But, most common and most observed reasons are: the workers do not get sufficient financial rewards from their primary job. That’s why they go for multi tasking to overcome their domestic expenses. The other prominent reason is insecure professional environment which insists the employees to go for some secure switching or alternatives. Both are very common and very important as well.

The workers aspect:

It is definite that multitasking is an unethical act. However, it should be discussed by its entire means and the first one is workers aspect. On the one hand, multitasking is unethical task in reference of business and professional code of conduct. On the other hand, it is mandatory for a person who does not have sufficient financials to overcome his domestic responsibilities with his primary job. Therefore, it should be discourage but in a way to considering the all constituent and reasons which insists the workers to go for multitasking. And workers should concentrate on one task to do it properly and enhance their skills and wage rate remaining them in one job.

The employer aspect:

It is important to mange the business within the budgets, but, the employees concerns should be addressed as well. Keeping in view all factors, however, the melt down condition in national economy and market downfall should also be considered from employer part. So, it is important to have a balanced business rewards towards employees. So, that they do not think about putting their energies to an activity which diverts their attention from the actual primary task.

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Moreover, there should place a mechanism to manger and decentralize the responsibilities. So that matter of multitasking should be addressed and controlled in all its aspects.

Article: leadership style, organizational culture and performance: empirical evidence from uk



The article written by Emmanuel Ogbonna & Lloyd C. Harris is about the appropriate mix of the above mentioned skills to maintain the business ethics. It is important to have good managers to implement good and ethical code of conduct in organization. In this reference manager should have a mixture personality which should comprise on technical skill tend to be needed as one advance from lower to higher levels in the organization, but, more conceptual skill is necessary. However, as essence of article is about the leadership style organizational culture and performance of human resources in ethical manner. So more important single skill is soft skill, it would be appropriate to quote John D. Rockefeller, “I will pay more for the ability to deal with the people than any other ability under the sun.”

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Article theme:

Leadership characteristics in the management and organizational behavior are linked with each other and equal important. The article on leadership and organizational culture by Ogbonna & Harris is clearly articulate that in every organization managers are the key officials that should be equipped with the basic organizational skills so that the work force contributes its best towards the growth of the organization. In addition, leadership qualities in middle management are the focal part of an organizational behavior scheme of an organization. Therefore, it is very important that middle management should possess the leadership characteristics. Nevertheless, the following management skills should possessed by a manager or leader. These skills enable a manager/leader to accomplish success in organizational goals with leading approach:

Work based skills:

The work based skills are to utilize the methods, techniques and equipment necessary for performance of specific tasks; acquired from experience, education, and training. Work based skills are very vital in maintaining the ethical code of conduct in organization. If a manger does not have sufficient technical skills he cannot implement ethical environment in an organization.

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Theoretical skills:

Ability to understand the complexities of the overall Organization and where one’s own operation fits into the organization. This knowledge permits one to act according to the objectives of the total organization rather than only on the basis of the goals and needs of one’s own immediate group.

Soft skills:

Soft skills are also known as human skills. It refers to the ability and judgment in working with and through people, including, an understanding of motivation and an application of effective leadership. Soft skills are the most considerable element in the ethical business environment. But in fact it is the root to ethical practices in business as well as in daily activities. It is soft skills which penetrate the soothing persona of the organization, otherwise, cannot work like brothers. Therefore, soft skills are must in a leader to maintain ethical environment in the organization.


At the concluding paragraph it could be noticed in both articles that business needs ethics. No matter it is about a very settled or a little business, ethics is core of success in business. Therefore, the parties involve in doing business like employer, employees, contractors or any other party engaged in should realize the importance of ethics to perfume well and with manners.


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