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Corporate crisis is reaction of economic meltdown, shenanigan or mismanagement. Sometime all factors have found involved in a corporate crisis. However, shenanigan refers to the mismanagement or misconduct of the business principals and or ethics. After a careful evaluation of corporate level and business maturity of General Motors a shenanigan situation never being expected by any stakeholder.

It looks like use of tricks to deceive someone to extract money. A bailout package for General Motors from government is an open example of shenanigan. For that reason, many concerned have extended their views by saying the General Motors “Government Motors” in response of 61% government shares. However, now the management is eager to get rid of the tag “Government Motors” and also eager to come with its original identity.

Retirement benefits:

The insufficient investment of company reserve for imbursement of pensions had initiated the financial problems for General Motors. Therefore, wrong funding and financial management had become the core factor of corporate crisis. And this wrong funding or wrong financial management has brought the crisis situation to get government’s bailout package. The stressed cash flow because of the wrong financial findings has brought the general motors to the bankruptcy and the recent bailout scenario. However, the major affected ones are retirees and pensioners but also the General motors which has been lost its integrity to becoming “government motors”.


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At the end of treatise, it can be observed by the example of General Motors that mismanagement of anything can create mass. The insufficient funding of pensioners money has opened the shenanigan of a giant organization which is quite appropriate example of the insufficient crisis management as well as financial mismanagement. This has affected the integrity of the organization for changing its trade name from General Motors to “Government Motors”. Hereinafter, the ultimate loser is not the pensioners but the organization itself. Now it is mandatory to recover its originality and integrity.


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