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Walgreen is one of the largest retail drug companies in the USA. Intriguingly, it has secured a sizable market share prompted by advantageous characteristics, it gives the company a competitive edge over its competitors. The fact that the company has been on the lead for drug sales positions the company at a better edge, and it is wise regarding competition. The company has managed to cement profound brand equity gained from its esteemed high quality and convenience in service delivery (Price, 2005). Walgreen has diversified its market to incorporate over-the-counter drugs, consultancy, holidays, gifts, healthcare products and grocery services. Its stores are located in open areas, which ease accessibility. Finally, incorporating technology, (Zimmerer et al, 2008) such as satellite online purchasing, also gives Walgreen a competitive advantage.

Target Company faces stiff competition from the likes of Wal-Mart. However, there are a few characteristics that enable the company to excel and maintain rigid competition. The fact that it has gone international to open stores in Canada expands its market scale, therefore increasing the company’s sales. The company has managed to attract the rich and the youth as its customers with the help of the advantage pricing strategy, and it still has adequate customers (Katz & Green, 2009). Its philanthropic interest also adds to the strategies that attract customers to the company’s sales. In addition, the Target Company is preferred for its environmental consciousness because of the banning of polythene sheets. These approaches enable the company to secure a profound and sizable share of market, boosting company's competitive ability.


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