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On December 16th 2012, Wal-Mart extended their presence in the Horizon City; it is a Texas city of El Paso County. The news was reported with hype because Wal-Mart was taken to be the most significant major retailer in the city (Kolenc, 2012). The reporting of this story was clear and accurate. The project has been well described with the dates for completion and response from shoppers being included. It has also explained the effects of the new development to the small local businesses. Customers feel that there would be adverse effects on these small retailers. However, the report also explains the importance of having the retail outlet and why they would prefer its presence, mainly due to their lower prices. Further, the report just explained the reason of why the retail outlet is important in the Horizon city. Some customers prefer shopping in Wal-Mart outlets, 25 minutes away due to their better services and prices. The quality of their goods is also commendable. The competitors and their worries were also considered as they explained how the introduction of the retailer would harm them. They said that they would expect a 10% drop in their customers, but this would later stabilize as the customers would eventually go back.

The article has given many facts, some including the state of affairs in Horizon City. It states that the city has a population of 17,161 in 2011, a rise from 5,233 in 2000. It has also stated that the median house income in 2011 was $49,621, which was higher than that of El Paso, which is $39,442 (Kolenc, 2012). These facts are important in the evaluation of the viability of the new venture by Wal-Mart. However, the article missed the facts about how much money do households spend on retail goods. It does not also give the potential customers that were likely to be attracted to the new Wal-Mart in Horizon City, which is the target by the new Wal-Mart branch. It also missed the facts about retail sales in Horizon city ad only provided those in El Paso.

The story only considered the alternate perspectives of having Wal-Mart but gave no worldviews. The alternative was given as the existing Vista Markets, which is the main outlet at the present (Kolenc, 2012).

The article made several assumptions. First, it assumed that every person who reads the article is conversant with the city. It explains details that only people who live in the city or those that know the city can understand. The positions of the site and nearness to some of the places may be questionable. At the same time, it assumes that the presence of Wal-Mart would be welcome to many people as it has done to the rest of the county. The interview with one lady who prefers to shop at Wal-Mart is taken as the true reflection of the common city residents’ opinion. This could be questionable. Another assumption is that the data for El Paso could effectively reflect Horizon city. Retail expenditure may be different because there is different average household income. This assumption is questionable.

This topic involves reporting a story and a little creativity would be needed because it could tamper with the accurateness of the information. However, creativity would be needed to make inferences from the facts gathered. One can eliminate bias in reporting by using the correct facts and interviewing enough people before making any assumption. All the necessary facts should also be considered before any type of reporting is done.


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