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Free «Business Operations and Systems» Essay Sample

For every business to be successful it requires managerial efforts aimed at improving its daily operations. The operation management is in charge of product development. Product development entails determining the unique characteristics and features of the product. The process begins with assessing customers’ needs and developing a detailed product design. The operation manager should also come up with the facilities and equipment for production and the information system that will monitor and control the performance. The operations are monitored in order to improve the production process of the home products.

In case of the Unilever Company, the operation is involved in this process. To start with, the design process is thoroughly monitored. The management team has to ensure that only the products desired by the customers are produced. The manager also ensures that the products meet the customers’ needs. Specialists with knowledge in productions of home and personal care products are involved in the production process. The operations management has the unique criteria for evaluating the final products before they reach the consumers. This ensures that the customer gets what he/she wants and not what the company wants. This is in accordance with the quality requirements.



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Adding to this, the operation management of the Unilever Company is involved with overseeing, designing, and controlling the production process for the company. It also helps in redesigning the products manufactured by the company. Adding to this, the operation management is the most essential component that ensures that the Unilever Company produces only qualitative products. The company uses the value-added approach in ensuring that the final product is as per the customer expectations. It has the component on the inventory management. This component is essential, as it ensures that the level of the raw materials is being properly maintained. The level of the raw materials should be appropriate to cater for the emergency orders. The levels of the raw materials will also have a direct impact on the stock available for the urgent orders. The department has the important components that involve cost accounting techniques that are used to value stock; thus, they produce a quantity that satisfies customers’ needs.

The company has benefited from the parcel delivery conundrum, since it delivers most of its products to the customers, who are residing within the U.K. To start with, the company has increased its sales by 56% due to the operations. Operations are very important for any company, since well-developed operations enable the company to acquire the new customers, while successfully maintaining the existing ones. This has increased the company’s sales and overall level of profit; hence, the associated benefits have doubled. Customers prefer this model of parcel delivery, as they are able to acquire the required items right at their door. The process helps in advertising the company’s advantages, since the movement from one door to another is quite convenient.

The parcel delivery conundrum is in line with many business models. The parcel delivery is inconsistent with other goals of the organization. The company has a special sorting and handling system that takes care of the delivery. The department ensures that the items that the customer has ordered will be delivered at the right time and at the door. This adheres to the on time delivery of the customer. The department does this through the special trained personnel, who are able to manage the goods in an effective way. They train their employees in the parcel delivery unit in order to ensure that they handle the goods in a proper way and avoid any damages before they are delivered to the customers.

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This method is quite cost effective to the Unilever Company. It saves a lot on far distances delivery, since it is more concentrated on supplying the goods to the customers, who are near them. They save on advertising costs owing to the fact that they are able to advertise, while in the process of the door-to-door delivery. The customers are enlightened by the adverts and are able to know about the new products or the existing products that they were not aware of. This makes them purchase bigger quantities of goods; thus, boosting the company’s sales. There are the new customers, who are introduced to the Unilever Company’s products through this extensive and beneficial process. The company’s sales have greatly increased. The profits that are proportional to the sales have also increased. Adding to this, the company’s image is boosted by the parcel delivery conundrum, as many customers are satisfied by the services. Adding to this the company becomes more competitive, as compared to other competitors. The company is able to overcome its competitors, which produce similar products and service similar households.

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In the context of parcel delivery conundrum, CATWOE analysis should also be adhered to. CATWOE analysis is a Soft System methodology tool used to prepare a great, rigorous, and a comprehensive root definition used as the basis for solving problems with the multiple perceptions to the organization. The parcel delivery conundrum adheres to this system by ensuring on time delivery. The CATWOE system also takes a lot of keen in evaluating the basic criteria for every company. The Unilever Company has applied the basics of this analysis by adhering to the requirements of quality and time monitoring of its daily activities.

The parcel delivery conundrum also applies the concept of root definition. This is a technique that takes its origin from the Soft System Methodology. It’s useful in solving problems and systems that are hard to define in the business. It’s, however, a vague description to the business problems, since less concern is taken into account, while developing the system. The parcel delivery conundrum has a lot to do with the current methodologies in this concept. It ensures that the customers get the products that they require in relevance of the order. The root definition is, however, keen at ensuring that the quality is not compromised. The operation management and the root definition analyst have to come up with a system that is more efficient and which adheres to the current standard requirements. The parcels are delivered at the door in order to reduce the customers’ inconveniences once he or she places an order. The customers are, thus, assisted to reduce travelling expenses to the local retailers. The root definition techniques promote the goodwill of the company; thus, adhering to the present budget programs of the company.

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The business can respond to the changes that are brought about by the conundrum to ensure that there are no irregularities in terms of on time delivery. There are possibilities of improving the operations managements that will improve the overall performance of the business. The business should adhere to the environmental issues and technology. To start with, the company should read and understand the requirements of the law regarding the different types of pollution. There are prospects in the business to train the producers of its products on the ways to reduce the air pollution by reducing the emission of various chemicals. The laws give penalties to businesses that fail to adhere to the pollution rules. The conundrum should not be a part of the air pollution. It should adhere to the laws regarding the air pollution in an attempt to improve the company’s image to the public and to overcome constantly increasing competition at the same time.

In terms of technology, the Unilever Company should acquire more trained personnel in the operation departments. The designers should ensure that they move at par with the changes in technology. They should ensure that the modern conundrum that will improve the general performance of the company and not only the delivery of parcels are used.

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The management team should also improve on their working skills. They should change their leadership style and be more keen to produce qualitative results. The management should employ the new managerial requirements. It should involve all the individuals into the decision-making process. The democratic management style should be adopted. This will ensure that all people are represented, and one can freely give suggestions on the ways to improve the company’s performance.

The Unilever Company can consider acquiring more resources by getting funding from the external parties. These resources are necessary in developing the overall production process. The management should also repay the current loans in order to be able to acquire more resources. In the process of acquiring loans, the rate of interest and the repayment period should be considered. The company should always ensure that it acquires the loan that will take long time to pay and that bears the smallest interest rate. The company’s resources have to be diversified from different sources. This ensures that the huge amount of money required will always be available to them upon the necessity.

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The performance of the company can finally be evaluated by defining the final output that the customer gets. This is important, since the operation management’s sole purpose is to develop the product that meets the customers’ needs. Despite measuring the performance in terms of profit maximization and wealth accumulation, the customer satisfaction is also important. The government intervenes in this and ensures that all businesses follow this important evaluation criterion.


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