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Coca-cola and Pepsi are the world’s largest beverage manufacturers. They have leading brand values and strong portfolios which allow them penetrate new markets and consolidate existing ones. The companies large scale operations allow them to feed upcoming markets easily. A large revenue growth rate has contributed to their growth and production. In addition, the two entities have effective advertising campaigns which make it easier for them to launch commercials through digital marketing thus attracting more customers.

Similarly, the entities target all people, young and old, coming up with a wider market to sell their products. The Companies have continuously collaborated with other entities like Nestle. This has made it possible for them to increase their investment and consumer base. At the same time, they have promoted nutritional products like coke diet hence encouraging healthy eating and drinking .This has led to a large number of loyal customers all over the world.

On the other hand, the going for General Motors and Ford Motors has not been a smooth one. The firms have suffered due to increased competition. In addition, other factors such as the automotive industry crisis of 2008-2010 have made it hard for automotive manufacturers to recover over the years. Soaring gas prices have also led to a decline in market levels. We cannot wipe out the effects environmental politics concerning carbon emissions which are sensitive on environmental protection have had on the industry. Consumers have shifted to fuel efficient and high quality products from European and Japanese markets. Major competitors like Toyota provide discounts on their products hence attracting more consumers. This has led to a decline in sales of the two firms’ products both locally and internationally.

The companies can thrive if they produce fuel efficient, and high quality models to attract all types of consumers. This will in turn increase their sales. Diversifying production to increase market levels can also be essential for the firms’ competitive advantage. The entities should also embrace other activities and technology where labor and material costs are low.


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