Free «Recursive Macroeconomic Theory» Essay Sample

  1. Discuss why the number of children that a family has may differ between an Industrial Society and a Third World Agrarian Society.

Generally, third world agrarian societies tend to favor large number of children, and industrial societies on the other hand, tend to favor small number of children. The large number of children acts as an, economic asset whereby they can help with lighter chores on the farm such as grazing. Many children also provide security to the old people in the society.

Additionally, women in the agrarian society have few job opportunities due to illiteracy, and they are only left to bear children. With the high-infant mortality in the agrarian society, parents desire to get the lost child and get more to meet with this problem. Unavailability of contraceptives and early marriages in the agrarian society has also caused the large number of children. Industrial society, on the other hand, considers keeping a large number of children will increase the cost of feeding, education and clothing. Women are busy and almost doing the same task with the men since the law protects their rights. Availability of contraceptives has reduced the fertility; hence less children (Colander 40).

  1. After reading this article why would you suggest that most of the Arab countries and most other third world countries have a larger population percentage under 20 than most industrialized countries?

The large population in the third-world countries and most Arab countries is due to the high-mortality rate and fertility. With the high-mortality rate, children die, and the parents give birth to more children to replace the lost and any insure for risks of losing others in the future. Lack of contraceptive has increased the fertility, and hence women are accidentally getting children they can not support. Lack of career opportunities due to lack of education in the third-world countries has made women to be left at home to bear and raise children; hence increasing the total country population. Early marriages have led to early child birth, whereby women start bearing children in their young age and continue in their entire lives, which increase the overall population (Cencini 150).

  1. How could this affect the U.S. reconstruction policies in Iraq and Afghanistan?

With the high populations in Iraq and Afghanistan, the U.S reconstruction policies are going to be affected, whereby the total macroeconomic cost for these countries is going to rise. This high population is due to the many wars that force people to bear more children so as to replace the lost ones. This implies that more facilities will be need such as schools; hospitals will be required so as to satisfy the needs of this high population. With facilities such as hospitals, women will be educated on family planning in order to have a good family size. Consequently, the population will decrease, and the government will provide enough facilities for all (Ljungqvist 113).


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