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In the modern world, there has been great development in easier, faster, efficient ways of doing almost everything in order to make the lives of people and also the environment they live in better. In every country, existence of a stable political platform determines the well being of the people in that country. The government plays a great role in determining the level of technology to be employed in a country and hence influencing the market and economical environment of that country.

The measures that the government can take to promote the practical technology being developed in their country, varies greatly depending on the level of technology of a country. But the most common measures that government can undertake include, foremost, is getting involved in negotiations with the industries that produce this technologies and hence come up with deals where the industries can sell the technology at affordable prices that the citizens can be able to afford. This way the technology of the country will improve and hence efficiency and the quality of work of that country will become better to (K.E, 165).



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Secondly, where the technology is too costly for the private firms to be able to afford it, Like that of oil drilling machines, the government may take the initiative and buy or develop this technology which they may use to reduce the cost of products that were previously purchased from abroad. Under this, the government may employ international experts in their country to be able to come up with the practical technology locally and hence improve the technology of that country.

In addition, the government may develop research laboratories and firms where people can access instruments to be able to develop technology cheaply. This way, the people will be motivated to do research and come up with better physical technologies to be used for development of the country. This can be done mostly in universities and military barracks. Moreover, offering of better accessible loans with low interest rates would be a better way to motivate people to borrow loans to develop technology and sell it to all people. After people have developed the technology, the governments can intervene by buying the technology developed by people at great prices or they can help people find good market for their developed technology, this way technology developers will get motivated (Fischer, 13).

Another measure that government can undertake to promote practical technology is by ensuring that a health, free from corruption political environment is maintained. With good and strong political environment, investors even from abroad will be attracted to venture into the market of that country and when doing this, they will be able to develop new physical technologies as the competition increases in these countries. This in long run leads to better physical technology being developed and even the economy will be growing stronger attracting more investors.

Protection of the copyrights of the new technology developed by people is a good way for government to boost the morale of people in carrying on to develop new technology. When the government comes up with new laws and policies protecting new technology owners from their technology being copied by others, these developers of technology will gain a lot of profit from the new technology, hence they will be motivated to develop other new physical technologies as others follow suit.

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Lastly, reduction of taxes and promotion of people to go out of the country to study abroad would be a good measure by the government to in physical technology development. When people go to study in other countries with better technology than their country, when they come back to their country, they will be able to introduce the technologies they had learned in other countries to their country and by this, the physical technology will have been improved. For the taxes, with reduced taxes on the new technology developed, people will end up being motivated to develop new technologies as the profits they get become higher (William,147).

Government plays a very crucial role in determining the level of physical technology in their country. If the government is not motivating their citizens to come up with new technologies, they end up buying new technologies from other countries with better technologies. This is a costly thing to do and all governments need to look on how the physical technology can be developed locally and hence be of greater advantage to the country. Physical technology determines the quality and quantity of goods and services produced in a country.


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