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Free «The New Deal» Essay Sample

The new deal was a five year of legislative reform and involved the use of federal power to effect change. Although compensatory fiscal policy was revolutionary in the nineteen thirty's, Roosevelt embraced deficit spending after the economic policies had failed without considering the advice of Keynesian economists. Modern society should therefore seek advice from the concerned parties before implementing new deals. The new deal was partially supported by the congress and the public because it had been successfully attempted in different conditions. The new deal safety net included unemployment insurance and low cost housing.

Manufacturing wages and farm income increased therefore sustaining millions of people. The new deal brought several stabilizers that were successful in averting another depression. The government could supervise the stock market while the Securities and Exchange Commission could supervise the public utilities which are the mainstays of American Financial system. The Federal Reserve Deposit Insurance Corporation increased government supervision in state banks and lowered the number of bank failures thereby restoring confidence in the discredited banking system.


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This new reform was unable to restore economic prosperity because unemployment increased until the Second World War when there was massive industrial production. Roosevelt resisted Keynesian formulas to pump priming hence creating barriers to recovery that could only be demolished by war. Production was restricted by NRA leading to price increase and a reduction in the buying power all of which were deflationary in effect.

The new deal gave the working class an institutional voice made the unions to become a dynamic force in the American society. Even though the security for Americans was not attained, Roosevelt achieved unprecedented advances in the field of social welfare. Therefore the government has final responsibility on the well-being of its citizens and in case cooperative endeavours fails, the citizens have a right to ask the government for aid.

Modern society should learn that a government that is worth its name will respond well to the people's plea. New deals have many advantages but sometimes they can be disappointing when they also include limitations with strict eligibility requirements and reduced levels of benefit.


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