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The article presents five hypotheses supporting the development of underdevelopment. It tries to draw our attention to the process through which the countries and systems undergo underdevelopment in spite of being developed at some stage.

The past of the underdeveloped world is not reasonably reflected by the previous theories. We mistakenly assume that the past and present of the underdeveloped countries resemble the past of the now developed countries. It is considered that underdeveloped countries are passing through a development phase where the developed countries passed long ago. But truth is different from these assumptions. The writer stresses that the now developed countries were never "underdeveloped" though they may have been "undeveloped". Dual societies and economies are observed in underdeveloped countries as a result of inequalities in income and differences of culture. But the writer contradicts with 'Dual society' thesis.

The writer has presented the metropolis-satellite structure to demonstrate his idea. The history of Chile and Brazil support the writer's theory of development of underdevelopment. These regions experienced economic development in their respective golden period but this development was 'neither self-generating nor self-perpetuating'. These historical evidences falsify that Latin America is suffering from dualism which is a hindrance in its development. The source of this underdevelopment is the same as was of development i-e capitalism. It is hypothesized that within this world embracing metropolis-satellite structure, the metropolises tend to develop while the satellites tend to under develop. It is proved from the history that the greatest development of satellites happened when the ties between the satellite and metropolis was weakest. The reason of Japan's superior economic development is also that it was not satellized.

I agree with the writer's stance that the seed of underdevelopment was sowed by their participation in the word's capitalistic system during their golden age. The writer has reasonably drawn the attention towards the problems and the causes of the development of underdevelopment and invited further research.


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