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The economic situation in Vietnam is in need of adjustments for it to be able to recover from its current slump(Jerneck, 1992). The finance minister in collaboration with other stakeholders is in a position to drive the economy to its previous path of growth. Making the country attractive to investors is imperative. The Government should address the frequent strikes that shift investor appetite to countries like China. The once vibrant stock exchange markets, which made people increase their wealth, would assist in the finance minister's aim of improving the economy.

Inflation has led to food, fuel and housing to be very expensive to the average Vietnamese. To solve this problem, the minister should lead in making tough decisions such as pushing for the raising of interest rates as well as the reduction of the expenditure of Government owned enterprises. Finally, instructing the banks to raise their reserves will assist in their ability to meet their obligations and attract foreign investment.

There are factors that the Blues Corporation needs to consider before moving from western to eastern Germany other than labor, and land. The executives should consider the availability and condition of the telecommunication and transport infrastructure(The Economist, 1995). Access to factory inputs such as water and power are important in ensuring that the factory operates at high efficiency. Issues of safety, security and facilities like banking and insurance are important to the smooth day-to-day activities of the factory.

Underpricing and marketing of their products will ensure that people purchase them, although they must also investigate on the market preferences as well as customer loyalty(Locarek-Junge, 2010). In addition, they should ensure they provide better services in terms of variety, giving bonuses, reliability, customer service and quality.


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