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The article, Six Archetypes of Sales and Marketing, by Christine Crandall was posted on March 5th, 2011 on forbes.com. The article explains in details two different leadership groups representing a number of distinctive styles of sales and marketing that have emerged within the leadership ranks. She mentions further that, to make different groups tick and function effectively without exclusion, an individual needs to understand the differences that make them distinct.

One major factor that facilitates the achievement of an alignment in sales and marketing however is the major structural differences that exist between the two groups. These differences are exactly what overlay the personal differences that exist between the leaders like the corporate charters, cultures, compensation models, work activities and competence. Despite of these differences, they share similar goals since they belong to the same organization.

These differences between sales leaders and their teams in marketing can hinder them from executing their responsibilities effectively together. Misunderstandings, incompatible processes, and conflicting priorities can instead prevent the organization from achieving its set sales goal and objectives. The use of archetypes is an effective way of differentiating individual leadership styles. These are personality proto types that were advanced more than a century ago by Carl Jung. The ability to understand an individual's prototype enables you to explain their perspectives and motivations.



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For sales leaders, there are three archetypes that are very essential, and these are Thinker, Blamer, and Junkie. The Thinker can be described as being reflective since he focuses on how

and why as on the results. Here, an individual focuses more on trying to understand the process as well as how it impacts on his team and project when initial results can be acquired. Blamers, on their part always live with the idea that their teams are already doing the best they can within the resource constraints. When sales goals and objectives are not met, they usually point to others and more so the marketing department. The Junkie is usually more concerned about the thrill of the deal and anything that comes on their way slowing down the deal frustrates them.

Marketing on the other hand has three archetypes i.e. the Egoist, Strategist, and Tactician. The Egoist is known to direct most of his energies on branding and shaping mindshare while the tactician is the exact opposite of the Egoist. The strategists on their part balance strategy and tactics.

The article, African Americans, Hispanics were hit hardest but are most optimistic, by Michael A. Fletcher and Jon Cohen was posted on February 20, 2011 on the Washingtonpost.com. The article reveals the result of a recent survey carried out that shows the African American and the Hispanic communities as being the most confident about the chances of experiencing a likely improvement in the economy and in hand see an improvement in their financial prospects. This was in wake of a downturn that more than doubled unemployment and at the same time wiped away nearly 205 of America's net worth.

Earlier reports had shown that these two groups of people were more likely to be left broke, jobless and worried of the fact that they lack the necessary skills required to shape their economic futures. Despite all these, they still managed to remain very hopeful of an improvement in living standards, believing that the economy would soon recover and give them room to prosper. Statistics from the research carried out by the Washington Post, Kaiser Family

Foundation and the Harvard University Poll show that nearly four in ten African Americans adjusted their housing situations in the past three years to be able to cope with the crisis. A third of them borrowed money from friends and relatives when things got tough and one out of every four lost their health insurance coverage or other benefits within the same period.

Hispanics on the other hand were even hit harder as nearly four in ten mentioned that their households have suffered job losses. One in three of them felt insecure at their job places. Despite all these they managed to remain optimistic with two thirds of them saying people can still move forward if they are willing to work hard.

The article, Most Economists Say Fed's Stimulus Plan Is Helping, by Pedro Nicolaci da Costa, was posted on March 7th, 2011on msnbc.com. The article brings to our attention the details in regards to why a majority of economists believe that the fed's stimulus plan is helping in the economic recovery process. They agree with the fact that the Federal Reserve's bond-purchase program is playing a vital role in enhancing the economic growth in the United States.

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The interest rates were slashed to zero and more than $2 trillion in government and mortgage bonds were bought by the Fed in an effort to keep long term borrowing costs down. This is something that most economists approve. The positive effects of the Fed's Stimulus plan is evident in the fact that recent data acquired by the MSNBC show that the United States economy is strengthening and therefore the standards of living are also improving.

This has in hand brought about lots of optimism among the general public, despite the fact that, a good number of them still fear the fact that the risk of inflation is still greater than deflation. Latest data also show that unemployment has fallen to a nearly two year low. Hiring has also hit the fastest pace in nine months. The Fed officials still strongly feel that the economy is still in need of support especially when you bear in mind the fact that unemployment is still a record high.

The article, To Increase Job Creation Reduce Government Spending, by Charles Kadlec was posted on March 7th, 2011 on forbes.com. This article explains to us in details why it is necessary to learn where cutting can lead to growth just like the way a skillful pruning of grapevines is essential to the production of vineyards and cutting back a rose bush promotes its growth. The writer notes that job growth cannot be slowed by a reduction in government spending. On the contrary, going by the last two years it is evident that, a reduction in government spending would actually lead to increased job opportunities and output in the country's economy.

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The poor economic story of the past two years is as a result of the government uncalled for view of its largesse that considers only benefits and not costs. This is the kind of view that ignores one important human phenomenon that produces economic activity. In any economical environment, when people enter into exchanges that lead to mutual gains, jobs are created. The result of this is that these people work for each other. In such an agreement, each individual tends to work towards ensuring that he or she improves his or her own economic condition i.e. income rise; creation of new opportunities for mutually benefitting exchanges; increased employment rate.

This kind of economic proposition cannot be successfully implemented by a one sided kind of exchanges like in a situation where the government acquires funds from one group and offering it to another. Proponents of government spending always argue that jobs are created due to the expenditures while ignoring the fact that employment opportunities are also lost as resources are taken away from the rest of the economy through current taxes, borrowing and future higher taxes. Because of the mere fact that government spending is not based on mutually beneficial exchanges, there is usually a lot of wastage which in turn leads to a cut in job opportunities and the overall wealth and revenue of the people.

The article, Running A Business Despite An Illness, by Andrew Park, was posted on March 5th, 2010 on msnbc.com. The article was brings to us the success story of Lisa Disbrow who despite her health challenges managed to work against all odds to build her business. Lying in bed with her laptop open one promising night, she got an e-mail from a client of her Raleigh informing her that she was interested in a branch of her store in the Dominican Republic. She had only been in business for two years with just two locations and was about to open a third branch.

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Lisa frequently received inquiries from different corners of the country from entrepreneurs who were interested in assisting her expand to other parts of the country. This time round, the thought of setting up a store in a Caribbean resort seemed like a dream to her. She read the mail to her husband with a lot excitement but he quickly threw cold water on the idea. Her husband's reaction was influenced by the fact that she had been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis her still young age of 34. Her health state had put a lot of strain on her family's comfort and in fact made running of the business almost impossible.

Lisa managed to skillfully juggle her steadily growing business and personal life but unfortunately later on, encountered a scary dilemma. Living her usual lifestyle was not her only worry but also the fact that this was now becoming a real hazard to her health. Her doctors authoritatively warned her that stress would cause more frequent flare-ups of her MS and, during this time her symptoms would intensify and prevent her from running her life the best way she knew. To be able to keep her disease at bay, Lisa required drugs that suppressed her immune system. This was something that was no really advisable though, bearing in mind the fact that as the drugs suppressed her immune system they left her susceptible to other illnesses.

As Lisa and her husband continued to confront their situation, she thought of how passionate she was about her fashion and boutique business. At the same time she also made it clear to herself the reality of the fact that she could not anymore ignore her limitations. Together they came to an agreement that she had to come up with a middle way that would enable her relieve the stress on her and her family without giving up her work that she loved passionately. She managed to do this and today she lives contented with what she has. Her success story is a true reflection of what hard work passion in entrepreneurship is all about.

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The article, West Facilitates Corruption in Africa, by Joseph Stiglitz was posted on Feb 9th, 2011 on cnn.com. The article brings to our attention in a detailed manner the way in which the industrialized countries have continued to promote corruption in Africa by providing crooked government officials with a safe haven for their stolen public funds. There is a pretty amount of optimism about Africa's economic prospects but still, there must be more discussions regarding the undisclosed bank accounts in the West that have been the machinery used to facilitate the high level of fraud in Africa.

It is very unhealthy economically for corrupt political dictators to fraudulently acquire funds from public coffers and keep it in bank accounts in advanced industrial countries. During most of the G-20 meetings, there have been a lot of discussions regarding secret bank accounts as tax agents. Unfortunately, there have been very little discussions of secret bank accounts as corruption facilitators. To reduce corruption, there has to be an increased scrutiny of corrupt governments. This can be done by the use of mechanisms such as freedom of information acts and a free press. Even still, the west also has a very major role to play.

When the west allows corrupt public officials to keep their money in their banks, corruption is encouraged and this deals a real blow on the African economy especially when considering the fact that the changes to economic policies that are being implemented in the recent past are already bearing fruits.

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The article, Private Firms Wary of Hiring Public Sector Workers, by Stephen Robertson was posted on February 21st, 2011 on bbc.co.uk. The article exposes to us in details some of the reasons behind which private organizations are reluctant to hire public sector workers especially at this moment when the economy is starting to pick up after the global crisis in the UK.

Results of a survey carried out by Barclays Corporate and the financial Times show that more than 50% of the many companies that were surveyed mentioned that they planned to create more jobs this year, 2011. 75% of revealed that they were not keen on creating enough to mop up those who lost jobs in the public sector. It has been the hope of the government that the private sector would be able to assist in offsetting public sector job cuts.

As things are going, this seems to be unlikely. In November 2010, the Office for Budgetary Responsibility revealed that they had projected that three hundred and thirty thousand public sector employees were likely to loose their jobs over the coming four years. They went ahead to mention that this was not to worry people much since they also believed that the private sector would grow within this period fast enough to absorb all those people who had lost their jobs.

More than half of the companies that were surveyed said that they were not keen at all to offer former state employees jobs in their firms. A majority of this group went ahead to mention that this was due to the fact that they strongly believed these workers were not well equipped to handle the private sector challenges. This is despite the fact that the Britain is experiencing a major increase in unemployment rate. The worst part of this all is that there are still great signs of more job losses that is largely expected to be caused as a result of the public sector spending cuts that was implemented by the government not so long ago. The spending cuts were meant to bring down the country's budget deficit.

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The article, Apple After Steve: An Insider's View On What's Next, by Jay Elliot was posted on March 8th, 2011 on forbes.com. The article brings to our attention what an insider of one of the most famous and profitable technology industry thinks about its future after the departure of it long serving chief executive. The C.E.O Steve Jobs is popular amongst the business the community for his fanatical guarding of information concerning the company's upcoming products. This is something he did until the official announcement date.

Unlike most of his counterparts, Steve is known for not ceding to pressure brought about the concerns for market reaction when making major decisions. He is also never influenced by the opinions expected from investors and market analysts. The financially community for this reason, have always shown confidence in him simply because of his track record of making the right decisions most of the time.

Due to the health challenges that he is facing, he has found himself in the same frustrating corner where he is required to make a major decision concerning who the right person is to take over the helm of the company should he be forced to step down. Most people who have been privileged to work with closely with Steve will tell you that it will be quite hard for him to relinquish control of the company. So the million dollar question here is who will be able to run the company without Steve in the picture.

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It must be noted that Steve brilliantly has been able to put in place structures and a team that would enable the company to function smoothly even without him at the helm. This was evident with the launch of the original iPad when Steve was most times on leave. Even though, the gadget proved to be another ground breaking product with high sales.

The article, Republicans Need To Take A Stand On Healthcare reform, by Ezra Klein on March 7th, 2011 on Washingtonpost.com. The article highlights to us the reasons why it is important for the republicans to take a stand on healthcare reform to be able to finally find a solution to the impasse. It is important for them to now avoid the jig after managing to get through the debate without actually offering any serious solutions of their own. It is important for them to quickly take a stand since America needs a health care plan so bad.

History reveals that the republican for along time have always dealt a blow to health reforms by their indecisiveness and inability to provide solutions. For a greater part of the 20th century, Democrats were on record for fighting for a single payer system. The republicans on the other hand always countered this with calls for an employer-based system. America is desperate for a reliable and effective health policy that with meet the needs of the majority of Americans equally.

In the article, Danger; America Is Losing Its Edge in Innovation, by Norm Augustine, was posted on Jan 20th, 2011 on forbes.com. The article brings to our attention why it is necessary for America to hold onto its innovativeness. Every professional in all relevant fields believe that science and engineering is vital for any private organization and government to succeed economically.

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It is in fact, common to find scientists and engineers being regarded as celebrities in most countries around the world. Unlike in the US where they are referred to as geeks, most of the other countries consider them leaders and innovators. Still, in America it is quite rare to find scientists and engineers involved in major politics as well as in the public policy debates.

It is evident in America today that most students have a negative impression or worse so, no impression at all of sciences and engineering. For this reason, these students are quite unlikely to choose them as a profession. Close to three quarters of engineers with PHD's from American institutions are foreign-born. More often nowadays, these students are returning home where there are more opportunities to utilize their diligently acquired skills.


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