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Excellent economic persistence is guarantee to the sovereignty. The economic prosperity is core of civilization, modernization and key to the affluence in the society. United State had recognized the wide spectrum of economic influence at its early civilization resentment era. The idea of economic enlightenment was first introduced in 1863 when American constitutional reconstruction initiated. After the initial social and economic resentment the constitutional reconstruction was not only unstopped process but also does not reduce its pace to the perfect economic sovereignty/prosperousness. There are sixteenth and thirteenth constitutional amendments which dominantly design the decent and civilized constitution.

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Amendments, journey of economic prosperity:

In fact, it was journey of justice and economic prosperity began since 1863 and still on its way. The fight for right was very difficult but after getting the rights the present is prefect economically as well as socially.

Bill of rights fifth amendment:

Fifth amendment of Bill of Rights that affected the current life is prohibition of excessive bail and cruel and unusual punishment.

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This amendment aimed to include that no excessive bail or excessive fines shell be imposed and no cruel and unusual punishments will inflicted. Moreover, that amendment also relates to the free judicial system and equity, it deny the unusual punishments, excessive bails and fines which is another example of fairness that is influencing the economic life of people of the United States.

Thirteenth amendment:

Thirteenth amendment was abolishment of slavery. It had given the equal rights to the people of United States. Slavery was clearly defined as criminal act except in the amendment if it is caring out as punishment. Congress is the power holder to enforce the law with its true spirit and take actions if anything found inappropriate. Therefore, thirteenth amendment is largely considered as a good impact on the economic conditions of United States which is now influencing the life of citizens and prospering the nation and country.

Sixteenth amendment:

Sixteenth amendment was initiated to introduce and implement the new tax laws solely by the congress. The law defines that congress can lay and collect taxes on any income from any source. Moreover, the amendment clearly defines that no prior consent or census is mandatory, therefore, congress can solely introduce and implement new taxes when required.

Sixteenth amendment played a gigantic supportive role for the economic stability and is also helpful in economic emergency situation.


Altogether, in the constitution article I, section 7, section 8 paragraphs 1, 2, 3, section 9 paragraphs 4, 5, 6, article I section 10 paragraphs 1, 2 precisely defines the procedural supremacy, democratic determination and economic priority to the American congress. Therefore, it can be realized that economic stability in the United States is not a policy it is a journey to the social, legal and constitutional surgery which eventually provided a sovereign and prosperous county to the nation.


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