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The essay was first written addressing the freeman in the perspective of single pencil. It explained the complexity and defended the concept of an invisible activity, or factor that is acting within the free market. Leonard story on penciling the family tree reflects exactly what happens in a market set up. The aspect of specialization in a market or production process always exists because of the difference in skills used in the market. Where people specialize in different stages of a production process is an example.

People involved in the processes also have different self-interest at a defined stage of a process like those interested in marketing, transportation, packaging, or even selling. The handling of the private property in the initial stages ends up in the market and the public despite the fact that it was a private property. In all stages of a product or market system, success or delivery of goods and services have a long chain and has many participants along the chain but only at different stages.

According to report, the number of people who completed non-permanent jobs was little changed in the month of March 2011. Though it is claimed that the unemployment rate dropped, the number of those in the long-term unemployment increased in March by about two percent. This contradicts the statistics released that the unemployment rate dropped. It is also clearly shown that the employment ratio changed a little. The truth to the current situation is that the proportion of involuntary part time workers was little changed in March. These individuals are working part time because the individual working hours were reduced and they could not secure full time employment.

Demand and supply are all related and determinants of the price of a commodity of service. Because of the pressure in the education system in United States' universities, by the ever-increasing number of students, the tuition fee has been raised. This occurs because the universities are limited and therefore, the supply is low, but demand from students is high. This will cause an increase in the tuition fees.


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