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The foundation and base of a business is the organization structure since it can facilitate effective work process and communication. When difficulties and problems arise within an organization, systems designed to cope with its functioning are developed to avoid disruptions in its functioning. In case an organization is unequipped to address the problems at a certain level, one must move through many management layers before coming to a decision. In this case, the organization structure should be adjusted and reviewed to meet the demands of the organization. According to Hax, exterior and interior changes need constant modification of the organizational structure so as to cover a favorable management of operating (Hergy, 2009, p. 12). With reference to Hax’s article (1981), there are eight symptoms showing inadequate organizational structure. For an organization to run well, it must address all the inadequacy hence ensure the survival of the organization. Focus must be attributed to the significant factors that can lead to organization success. This paper seeks to address two of the symptoms.

Lack of Coordination among Division

Productivity in an organization, complication of process, and delay in completion of tasks can diminish due to the lack of coordination. For proper coordination of an entire organization, the organization will have to effectively offer its systematic integration of all the business process hence create accountability within the organization. Implementation of this type of system allows interdepartmental harmonization between all the employees. It is also important to recognize the symptoms and signs to help prevent further damage. One of the symptoms of the lack of coordination is delay. When an organization lacks coordination, labor and production delays will cause ineffectiveness within the organization. Implementation of control measures that can reduce redundancies may direct the organization towards well-established coordination. This may be able to improve the organization’s performance. The lack of coordination within the organization creates gaps in distributing and acquisition of information that will lead to mismanagement in opportunities. This can make the organization have redundant competition as compared to the other organizations. For proper distribution and acquisition of information, the organization should be able to improve its coordination amongst departments so that transfer of information can be radical.

Lack of Opportunities for General Manager Development

Managerial development can be considered to be an important aspect in corporate strategic planning. This is because a manager plays a significant role in the success of an organization. Organizations should be able to organize in-service developmental training for managers to be able to execute and perform the goals, missions, and aims of the organizations. For an organization to become a performing one, its leadership should be improved. Managerial development is also a vital phenomenon since it has large impacts on the vitality of the organization. For an organization management to change, skills such as leadership and communication are needed in effective running of organizations. The managerial support systems, leadership, formality and the other organizational structure must be lifted to strategic level for the operations of an organization to be standard (Hax & Majluf, 1981, p. 18).


It is important to make the organizational structure effective so that running of the organization is simple. Good structure can lead to productivity of the organization. Coordination between departments and employees in an organization is essential for the management hence the measures needed to uplift it will have positive impact on organization’s success. Management plays the key role in running of an organization. In order to have good managers, the organization should train and educate them. 


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