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Free «Liberalism» Essay Sample

De Soto is one of the greatest economists recognized in the world. Among other things, his major aim include that of loosening restrictions on certain aspects of life, especially that of economic and political structures. To liberate therefore means freeing someone from oppression, social conventions and gender disparity. Most liberalists do support democracy, advocates for human rights, free trading and also freedom of worship. Free and fair elections is also campaigned for by the liberalists.

According to De Soto analysis, approximately two thirds of the people living in Ashanti's are poor. This is not because such people are unable to remedy the situation, but because there are no legal identities binding them. Most governments neglect them especially when it comes to decision making. In other words, the poor are not part of globalization. The authorized systems of law in most states have been very unfriendly to the poor, thus alienating them from the rest of the society members (Mattson and Jumonville, pp 65).


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As a result of alienation and rejection, the poor have gone an extra mile of making their own simple and separate laws of their own, that guides them in their day to day activities. With the urge of being liberated from their current status, the poverty stricken individuals have opted for the extra legal laws. Extra legal refers to those laws that are contrary to the written law but are widely embraced and enjoys overwhelming support from the people. For instance, the poor people portrayed in the documentary have been reflected to be settling in untitled lands and also operating unregistered businesses so as to earn their living.

In a nutshell, the most important aspect of liberalism focused on by De Soto is that of establishing welfare state. Through such establishment, eradication of social and economic inequality is certain, which in one way or another, contributes to poverty reduction. These among other actions are of great relevance to the international relations since poverty has been of international concern.


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