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It is from research that there is a lot of huge support of the emerging markets by the developed countries. For a market to be able to move to a point where it can be regarded as developed, there should have been an interaction of the local and the international collaborations in the market. For instance, Acme is one of the establishments that have proved that small and emerging markets are able to develop due to the acceptance of large markets to offer the necessary support.

In India, there is a large inflow of foreign investment in many sectors of development. It has been noted that more and more of the global markets are making investments at the Indian markets. This is due to the nature of the market in the country. The comparative advantage that had been given by the Indian government is therefore being taken advantage of by these foreign companies (Geyer, 12-14).

When we take an example of how many nations have benefited from the help of other nations, it is quite clear that the nature of assistance that these nations have received is in terms of monetary status. Developed nations always have pleasure to be in assistance of the less developed ones. This is specifically for the purposes of business and marketing that is exemplified for development. The benefits made by the developed nations in their businesses are always used to finance projects and other developmental concepts among the underdeveloped nations. These projects have been the major development strategies for underdeveloped nations since they are able to carry out other economic activities due to the presence of these projects.

Financial and other forms of aids have always been moving from one nation to another. More developed nations as Germany and Britain have done various activities as pertains to the aids that are given to the underdeveloped nations. For instance, countries like Zimbabwe and Haiti have been benefiting from the donations given by the world organisations as the world health organisation and the world food program. In most cases, these donations are the products of the benefits that are got by the developed nations. This therefore is another indication of the fact that capital that is generated by the industrialised countries finds their way to the less developed and the emerging nations (Inc Icon Group International, 56).

Business is about establishing a positioning and setting targets that will boost the products manufactured by the company. It has been the endeavour of many developed nations to make establishments at the emerging nations since in most cases; these nations have not developed their markets. The products that are produced by the developed nations are therefore sold to the underdeveloped nations with one single aim of establishing a market in these new zones. Moreover, donations are always given to the underdeveloped nations in order to set agreements with them on the right to form part of the markets in these nations. This therefore shows how these nations are able to get the benefits of the developed nations indirectly (Dent, 45).

There are some critical and distinctive difference between the developed and the lees-developed nations. This is particularly on the levels of development and the nature of stability that these nations have attained. The developed nations are always rich in most of the resources that are used for development. For instance, developed nations as the Philippines and Britain have enough machinery that is used to boost the arising technology. This results in increased business in these nations. Moreover, these nations have well established avenues to carry out other activities that result in development, for example, they are able to easily venture into any business strategy no matter the level of expense that is required. Besides this, less developed nations are always short of the ideas and expertise to carry out financial overhauls for development.


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