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Marine transportation involves transporting of goods and people by use of ships. Marine transportation has been in the offing for a long time now owing to their good performance (Marcus, 34). In order to measure performance of marines transportation, marine management has come on board to enable organizations which depend on marine transportation in their operations to discard or reduce perils associated with marine investment, improving competency, productivity and minimize the long run expenses, and offering policies which are 100% government friendly among others. It comes with a wide range of functions which includes maintenance of marines and tracking of the same. A system of tracking, GPS (global positioning system), can be used to perform all these functions (Marcus, 41). Studies indicate that, there is an improvement in the marine services as their performance has been put on checks and balances through fleet management. In this particular article, the focus will be on performance measurement of fleet departments and fleet planning on marine transportation.According to studies carried out, it has been established that, marine transportation has been practicing performance measurement which has enabled them to stay in business for long. Given that it involves operating a fleet of marine; this transportation sector was not left behind in order to ensure their customers were getting nothing but the best (Marcus, 55). It has been noted that, due to this, the marine transportation sector has experienced higher returns; the flowing of cash in the marine companies is just perfect, the performance in the market is equally on the higher side, the productivity of employees is equally good and more are looking for jobs with marine transportation sector.

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The marine transportation sectors have taken it upon themselves to improve the performance on shipping transportation by applying some components which has made everything to run perfectly. One of the components being applied by the marine management is the use of standards and measures. This, as the management has noted is very vital (Marcus, 123). The different ways which are selected for the performance of the fleet organization must have an effect on the success of the company. This is so because it is good for the management to know whether there is any success being made or not in marine transportation. The management does this to ensure that, the persons behind the performance are able to control it. The standards must be clearly spelt out as well as the measures besides being deliberated and communicated to all in the marine transportation sector.In the existing economy, fleets are always requested to perform their own operations not just like ordinary business but as big business so as to establish the cost. After this information, the management came up with a ten measures of performance on marine transportation (Marcus, 11). First of all, the management came up with the rates to be used by the marines. Before the rates could be determined, there was need first to establish the costs which are indirect and those which were direct. The idea was to put the rates in such a way that they would be competitive in the market.

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The preventive maintenance was to be carried out on equipments that belonged to the marine transportation so as to remove doubt that all was safe. This would help in reducing costs for repairing the same. It was agreed that the marines would be using half of the available time on the preventive maintenance.The marine management in a bid to ensure performance measurement on marine transportation decided that, equipment must be made available for the client any time they needed it. If this does not happen, the management can assume that the equipment is not there in a normal circumstance (National Research Council U.S., 67). The equipment must be made available all the time. The technicians are also required to be improved by the marine management. The time spent by technician on marine transportation was to be billed out.The marine management also decided to have calculations carried out on the total cost incurred in terms of miles covered by ships. This would help the management to know just how effective a given piece of equipment is (National Research Council U.S., 77). The same would also provide an opportunity to compare the same with other marines. The cost of running the marine transportation would finally be established and know the age of the same.In yet another way to measure the performance on marine transportation, the marine management decided to establish all the repairs done and how much is used on them. If this was done, it would help in knowing repairs needed and the amount per year (Bess, 69). The data finally arrived at would help the management to know how repairs affect the employees in terms of time taken to repair the equipment. Finally, the marine management will be in a position to know how many technicians to add to help in the repair and maintenance of the marines. Finally, it would be easier to know whether the staff is enough in that particular field.The performance measurement on marine transportation also helps the management to know whether the employees do work in a scheduled manner or not. If the management happens to learn that most of the operations are not planned for, it would attempt to engage workers to ensure that their time is spent well and that the marine company benefit to the maximum (Bess, 85).Lastly on the measurement of performance on marine transportation, is maintenance of higher satisfaction of the client. The marine management is aware of the fact that, if customers are not well taken care of, the returns would highly be affected. In order to curb this, the services are offered of high quality in literary all the departments that forms the organization. The management maintains that all customers must be saluted any time they get in any of their department seeking to be served. This would ensure that the customer will be happy with the services and that the organization is there because of him or her. The very last thing is to show some respect to the client and you can be sure he will come back.However, although the company does performance measurement on marine transportation, the process has always faced difficulties if what is discussed here is anything to go by. The marine management has held performance measurement on marine transportation for several years now. The marine management expects that, the workers on the ground are going to get as much information as possible and forward a good compiled data on the performance of marines (Bess, 22). But all said and done, the efforts of the marine management to try and use this data for management reasons have always been brought down by the time taken to get the information and analyze the performance. Sometimes, the information collected takes so many days that it can no longer be of any use.

As far as marine planning is concerned, I will focus on the postal operators. The marine planning of the poster operators is something that happens quite often so as to ensure the managers taking part in the operations have the latest methods of doing it. The planning is calculated in terms of the route taken by the marine in question. This involves knowing the model of the marine looking at the types of marine available in the market. These plans are kept going for some years until they are exhausted.The marine management in the poster operator sector buys marines in subsidiary because the method comes with insurance cover with it which is an added advantage. Once it has been bought, the company's plan is to use it for a period of six years so that the marine can be sold again to those who have interest on the same. Through this planning method, the sector is in a position to spend very little while purchasing the marine, and sell it on time after it has given them service (Bess, 133). So, basically the plan is profitable to the company because by the time of disposing the marine, it as not started incurring hefty repairing costs. As things stand, the sector going by the services from the transportation, the sector makes use of four types of marines which are well planned for by the time they are being bought.To conclude, marine management has experienced what can be said to be a milestone if compared with its functions initially. The advancement of technology has made it possible for performance measurement and planning to be effective on marine transportation. This has seen the marine management grow. On the other hand, the management has managed to make profits for the organization through the ten ways of performance measurement on marine transportation (Bess, p 143). Although there have been challenges in their operations, the marine management has made it where many have fallen. The sector has continued being an envy of many organizations but still they have miles to go to catch up with them, if they continue with that trend (Bess, 146).


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