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4aCompany logos are designs or a symbol with which a company identifies itself with .Each Company has its own unique logo. Companies such as coca cola, Apple, Microsoft, and Ferrari are famous worldwide companies that one can just identify though their logo.

This is the company logo for the Blue Triangle Construction Company. The entire logo is used to convey the meaning it is meant to, which the company’s name is, thus avoiding the misrepresenting the image. The logo serves a public interest which is to identify the blue triangle organization. It helps the reader or customer to know that they are using the right products of the company, or they are reading the right article with information about the company .the image conveys the branding information in a way that word alone could not convey (Seitel, 2007).

4bPublic relations campaigns can be conducted through various styles by business companies. You may decide to hire a public relations consultant or do it yourself. Examples of public relations campaigns could be; print campaigns where a company sends out press release to media outlets, this way public relations agent will give information to the media to publish. This type of campaign is a public awareness campaign (Charles 2001).



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Television and radio campaigns. Where notifications are sent to stations or a company’s representative gets interviewed in a radio or television program with relation to their products.

Online campaigns. These involve release related to the business or a product is posted in various websites such as social sites like face book and twitter.

Reputation management campaigns. This is a common campaign strategy and helps reshape public opinion in relation to the product or business. Agents rely on posting positive information on websites where the business has been maligned. It seeks to reinforce the attitude of those who agree with your organization.

Spin campaign. This is a technique aimed at changing the public’s opinion on a particular product. It’s meant to manipulate the public, through releasing positive information when the public is having second thoughts. The timing should take advantage of a prominent event. This can serve as a behavior modification campaign, or an attitude changer campaign (Kruckeberg, 2010).

4cSome of the recent cases involving the public relations crisis include one involving the taco bell company where it was accused by client, of serving less beef than it claimed .the company responded by the CEO posting a videos thanking the woman for her claims this swayed the public’s attention. The Red Cross fiasco, Justin Beibers case of fathering a funs baby. Team Beibers filed for a paternity test to prove this wrong. Other fiascos involved Sony and the HP companies. Other known crisis involved the Pepsi soft drink company. Customers filed reports of finding foreign objects in drinks. The public relation team responded to this by attacking the accusers in public and allowed the bottling of theirs products to be shown on news (Seitel, 2007).


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