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There is a need for firms competing in the global supply chain to take into consideration some vital questions for their global networks to ensure efficiency and effectiveness. Globalization has had three phases driven by different aspects. The first phase was driven by nations, the second by large firms and the third by small organizations and individuals (Flynn et al., 2010).  The global firms that have been successful have been changing their supply chains on a continual basis to help them provide the high value and low cost to their customers. To be successful in the global market necessitates establish a set of strategies with regards to product development, customer service, and overall supply chains and business model (Coyle et al., 2008). Evidently, the global supply chains have numerous transportation and related service options for their managers. These options have both advantages and disadvantages, and so they need to be critically evaluated.

Role of Third-Party Logistics (3PL)

Third party logistics refers to an external supplier. In the near past, firms have been giving more attention to working in the collaboration with participants from the supply chain including suppliers, providers of logistics services and customers. This has led to the development of positive relationships amid the firms engaged in the supply chain activity. Resultantly, most firms are now expounding their logistics organizations to fit into the supply chains of other facilitators and participants. The role of a third-party logistics is to perform and manage the performance of a part or the entire logistics functions of a country (Flynn et al., 2010).

Importance of Customer Service

Customer service entails providing the service to consumers prior, during, as well as after the purchase. The aim of customer service is to ensure customers’ satisfaction and loyalty. Customer service is the key to the success of a business (Goodman, 2009). Due to globalization, the trends of customer service keep on changing. As such, companies need to evaluate their customer service to meet their customer’s needs. Customer service does not only entail customer relations, but the ability to satisfy and delight the customers.  Different customers have differing needs and tastes. Therefore, customer service strategies are different, and they need to be customized to the target customer (Goodman, 2009).

The significance of customer service to organizations running supply chains globally is that it ensures customer contact with them. Moreover, it helps a company differentiate itself from its competitors. Finally, customer service gives room for potential complaints, whereby the customers can raise their complaints and the company can respond to them (Goodman, 2009). 

In conclusion, customer service is the key to the success of any company. The ability to satisfy the customer by meeting their expectations through the services and products provided is the best way to guarantee a company’s success.


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