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Public interest in the filled of risk management has expounded in the last decades. Managers of healthcare, the environment an infrastructure system incorporates risk management in the decision making process. The challenge that faces society and businesses today is that risk management knowledge has not been fully utilized and transferred from one field of endeavor to another. This calls for q concerted efforts to improve our understanding of the commonalities and differences among diverse fields for the mutual benefits of the society in the risk management field. Risk is a measure of probability and severity of adverse effects. Risk has been found to be a complex composition and amalgamation of real and imagined mathematical human construct called probability. According to Fraser & Simkins (2009), risk is considered as a two dimensional concept requiring and understanding of the probability of an understanding event occurring and the expected consequence should the event occur. Risk management policy and its related policy implementation process, procedure and concepts must build upon this and develop risk identification, assessment, evaluation, mitigation, and resource allocation methods in the management of risks associated with whatever they are undertaking.



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Role of risks within the adventure tourism industry

From the investors to the adventurers, tourism industry is considered one of the riskiest ventures in the world. This is because the industry is associated with wild animals, mountains, travelling and a lot of spending (Buckley, 2006). Risk is important in the industry since if no one is ready to take such nothing will move. This is not an industry with straight investment rather it takes time to give returns and sometimes the returns might be negative. Risks are also important in the industry as they regulate the business to reduce competitors who do not want to put their money in an investment that they are not certain of. It has made the industry regulators face few challenges of dealing with few and courageous people in the industry.

Many scholars have argued that risk is the necessary component of the adventure experience and this was proved when I was undertaking one of the most risky activity that many people have been scared always from. In this world, no one can succeed without taking risks. As I was growing, I had dream of taking my adventures to the mountain s using a bicycle. I chose to do a mountain biking in one of our mountains that have scared many for dangers associated with its nature. Before starting I had to prepare on how to handle the risks associated with such adventure. For instance, riding in such areas makes a person encounter with unfavorable climate that makes people’s breathing a problem. While knowing this, I decided to practice thoroughly before undertaking the entire activity. I would wake up very early and do a warm up exercise to enable me overcome the challenge of facing such a difficult in when facing the problem.

The mountain that I was going to adventure is also composed of wild animals that can attack when somebody goes unprepared. Here I decided to take dresses and be like world animals so that when am moving around they would think it is one of their own. My bike was tied leaves and my face was hidden by the face of a lion so that they would think it’s that animal passing. Some people fear that adventure because they fear that the bikes might fall due to the nature of paths in mountains. This might cause cuts and broken bones. To avoid this risk, I ensured my bike’s brakes are well taken care of and I would ride slowly to reduce any effect of such risk occurring. I also undertook training from the experts who have been to the filed wore protective clothing for safety.

Since it is a long distance ride, there is a risk of loss of control of the bike due to tiredness. I prepared enough with all the required equipments to ensure I would rest any time I felt like. This calls for preparedness to spend the days out there without specifically knowing how long the adventure might take. However, it is important to have a clear estimate on where to go and the number of days to take in the adventure.

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 As it is important for people to be involved in risks, people should always risk mitigation principles to ensure that they live well in this competitive and risky world. For instance, it is important to avoid any unnecessary risks so as to be away of any problem that might be caused. In this case people have avoided so many risks even those that would have helped them achieve success. It is also important for any risk taker to accept only those risks whose foreseen benefits are higher than costs of incurring the risks. I took the risk of mountain biking because exploring nature is an important aspect in my life and the costs associated is much less than the long term gains that I achieved from the risks. At times people think it’s a uneconomical risk but when I decided to take it, it was a good plan that has earned me a lot of fame in my community.

In taking risks, education is important so as to know the entire concept of risk management, risk assessment, management and mitigation processes when such risks occurs. Nobody will surely understand the entire risks involved in adventures like the one I took. I had to go to journals and study those who have taken the same risk. I knew the procedures in doing whatever is needed and I came out successfully without much harm as I was fully prepared. I prepared fo all safety measures as I knew and took all steps. After the adventure, I started accepting many risks and that has made me more successful than my cohorts who just want to take life simple as it is. 


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