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The rise and fall of temperatures and sea levels has been a common news item in the weather forecast especially on the countries beyond the tropics. Big rivers like Logan, Cottonwood and Provo are a common feature of over flooding. Sometimes this water level goes beyond the roads posing a challenge to road users, architectures and civil engineers. It is also estimated that global warming and green house effect could raise by one meter the sea level in the next century and expand the ocean water by several meters.

Due to this as worse effect of the future, engineering respond to this the structures distributed over the decade (Russell, et al 2010). Most of the necessary areas to consider are where protection with dykes can take place and which areas should be allowed to flood. From the past, the civil engineers of the international space station have faced a future challenge on the effort to advance human civilization and improving life’s quality. Due to the vast changes experienced today, like growth in population, technological revolution or even the environmental concern, like global warming in addition to new and unique challenges that develop day by day. Civil engineers have therefore been on the lead over the last one decade in to lead in the use of sophisticated mechanisms, application of the newest computer aided designs on the process of construction. Construction on catchment of overflowing water, dykes and underwater structures has been a common agenda (Seymour, 2010).

The process and the technology that relates to the improvement and maintenance of the value of our global, atmospheric, and aquatic environment systems are the principal concerns of civil engineers. They borrow so much on the knowledge of biology, physics and chemistry in order to plan, design and make operations of the most appropriate infrastructure required to sustain the quality of our environment. The knowledge of geologists is applied in understanding the mechanisms of soil and rocks and give way out on matters of typhoon related mitigations. Structural engineers’ concern in the environment is on improvement of the quality of environment through the type of structures found on them. Other projects might be developed below the ground e.g. tunnels, foundations and harbors.

The training of civil engineers should be on continuous basis throughout his/her career life. This makes them realize that the importance of continuity in education for purpose of success and cope with emerging issues in the field of engineering (Seymour, 2010). In the college level, these artisans gain the ability to learn entirely in life and also gain knowledge and skills that they must master (Russell, et al 2010)

As specialization takes route, structural engineers face the designing challenge on structures that support their own weight and the load they carry; there are also considerations of temperature change, strong water currents, earthquake and many other forces that may pose a challenge. These challenges need a proper combination of concrete, steel plastic and other exotic materials including the necessary technology. Such structures like the space platforms, bridges, buildings, offshore structures and other kinds of are of high concern in this discipline.

In conclusion, skills in environmental engineers, there’s increasing importance as we try to care for these fragile earth resources. These engineers interprets physical, biological and chemical processes into systems that destroy lethal substance, remove water pollutants, eliminate contamination from the air and reduce non-hazardous solid wastes.


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