Free «Aspects of Life that Affect the Environment» Essay Sample

Indeed, there are different aspects of my daily activities that have adverse effects on the environment. Some of my activities include driving the car, use of electricity and use of recycled papers that influence the environment, in one way or the other. These activities could contribute to how the environment remains green. An analysis of the daily activities that I do in life comprehends of aspects, which include burning of fuels, electricity usage, and use of recycled papers that affect the state of the environment.

Burning of fuels is one aspect that affects the environment as the fumes move out into the air. This does not exclude the numerous occasions that include driving of the car around while undergoing my daily activities. As I drive the vehicle, the petroleum fuel undergoes combustion that emits toxic fumes through the exhaust. These toxic fumes contain carbon monoxide (CO), and hydrocarbons that are harmful when emitted into the air. As a result, of the toxic fumes emissions into the air adverse effect could be encountered. The fumes in the air lead to air pollution that contributes to environmental pollution. This could include the degradation of the air quality that consequently, affects the environment negatively. For this reason, I have to consider reducing the times that I use my vehicle. By doing so, I will undoubtedly contribute in conserving the environment to be green.

Electricity use is a contributing aspect that could affect the environment. I profoundly rely on electricity use for cooking, lighting, ironing and entertainment daily. In most occasions, I tend to misuse electricity by leaving the lights on or the music system playing when I am not around the apartment. As a result, I tend to misuse and over rely on the use of electricity that affects the environment negatively. This arises as the generation of electricity for use includes use of water that could lead to water pollution and global warming. Therefore, I need to look out for other sources of energy that I can utilize in order to reduce my consumption of electricity. Use of solar energy to give light during the day and drying clothes could be essential in conserving the environment. I have to be more cautious in order to avoid wastage of electricity.

Another aspect that could affect the environment is the use of recycled papers. Indeed, when carrying on with my daily activities I use recycled papers almost every day for printing services, tissue papers and paper towels. As recycled papersare producedthrough the use of renewable resources, its use contributes to conserving the environment. Through my daily use of recycled papers, Ibelievethat I will contribute largely to the protection of theenvironment from depletion. This will contributea lot in making theenvironmentgreen. Use of more recyclable materials ismoresignificant as it enhances the conservation of natural resources. As recyclable materials ensureconservationof natural resources,there is a reduction indepletionleading to an eco-friendly environment. An eco-friendly environment willcontributea lot to an environ that is conducive to live in as it isfreefrom depletion and pollution.

Certainly, before engaging in different activities thatmarkmy daily life, I have to evaluate the activities critically based on their impact on the environment. Indeed, theordinary events thatmarkmy dailylivecould lead to both positive and negative impacts on the environment. The fact that the activities could bring about air pollution and global warming presents a lesson to me on the need tocheck on my activities at all times.


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