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Free «About Nuclear Energy» Essay Sample

The world is today faced by myriad challenges raging from environmental problems to depletion of key resources that are vital for the growth of the world economy. The production of fossil fuels has gone down considerably in the resent years, and it is likely to be depleted in the near future. In light of these challenges, alternative energy sources like nuclear energy should be considered. Environmentalists contend that energy sources that do not cause much degradation to our environment should be embraced in order to mitigate the rate of environmental degradation. In this regard, nuclear energy has been adopted by some countries as one of their solutions to energy related constraints. Nonetheless, its use has attracted scientific debates on whether it should be used or not. In my view, nuclear energy is a potential energy resource due its advantages, which can be described as follows.

Wind and solar energy have the capacity to provide sustainable energy that is needed to protect the environment. However, they cannot meet industrial energy requirements. Nuclear energy can solve this problem due to its high generation of power. There are no emissions of green house gases from nuclear energy and the chances of nuclear accidents are minimal compared to accidents resulting from fossil fuels like gas explosions.

Nuclear energy enjoys a stable market price compared to the fluctuating prices of oil and gas. Therefore, it will foster economic growth since it has a stable price, which enhances the stability of the economy. Moreover, nuclear plants are able to run continuously. As such, nuclear energy requires little time for refueling and maintaining it. Nuclear energy is also less harmful to the ecosystem if it is well managed.

Some scientists contend that nuclear plants can obliterate our environment in case of an accident. In my view, fossil fuels can also pose a similar risk if they are not well managed. For example, the oil leakage that was experienced in the Gulf region was difficult to manage just like the recent Japan nuclear accident that occurred during the recent Tsunami tragedy.

Even though nuclear energy might make some nations more aggressive, it has also encouraged dialogue among world powers. This is because they do not want to resort to its use in warfare. Consequently, it has reduced chances of another world war. For instance, the USA has been negotiating with, rather than fighting against countries like Korea, which are alleged to be producing nuclear weapons.

From the above discussion it is evident that nuclear energy can act as a viable means of energy source that will be friendly to both our economy and environment. However, more research and measures are needed to enhance better management nuclear related disasters.


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