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Contemporary Organizational Theory:'Organizational Environmental Dependence'The approach that I would like to prefer to initiate to have a contemporary organizational theory, will basically concentrate on the issues related to organizational behavior. It will be an attempt to meet the contemporary models of understanding Organizations, related Structures, implemented Processes and above all the acquired Outcomes (Tolbert and Hall 2008). To a great extent I believe the working environment in an organization is a core element to decide over the developmental process and in achieving organizational goal. Keeping this point of view as the basic element, I would like to call this theory as 'Organizational environmental Dependence'.

The chief motive of this theory will be to investigate the current organizational behavior adopted by different hierarchical positions in international scenario. It will be more like a sociological analysis that will look into some of the organizational behaviors followed by the employers and the employees. Proper communication between the two is highly appreciated (Jablin and Putnam, 2000 p.146). In this context the issues of discriminations, especially over women will be highlighted. There will be a straight infrastructural analysis undertaken to see the developmental modes of different organizations after adopting more professional and equilibrium working conditions. 'Organizational Environmental Dependence' is a theoretical persuasion to understand how the organizations are functioning on humanitarian grounds. The behaviors of every employer and employee towards the customers will be the core concern of study. The theory declares that if the behavior and the conduct within an organization are healthy and positively cooperative, there is no point that the organization will not grow. To attain customers' preferences, the dealings of the employees with them should be polished enough to please and satisfy. The delivery of such behavior can be expected when the employees are well trained and are free of any behavioral conflict with the employers. It is therefore important t look into the behavior of the employers towards the employees and the efforts initiated by them in managing the working environment of the organization.

In order to gain an influential business atmosphere, the organizations must follow balanced formats of managing HR. this is also directly related to the management of CRM and administration in general. The theoretical perspective of 'Organizational Environmental Dependence' will be analyzed under qualitative methodology to gain practical response. These methodological surveys will add the importance of 'Organizational Environmental Dependence' to the contemporary organizational aspects. Features related to leadership understanding and change management proceedings are integral elements of 'Organizational Environmental Dependence'. It is an obvious demand of this theory to have proper assimilation of leadership qualities in the organizational set up. Added to this the organization should be open enough to accept changes that can lead them to more profitable margins. Without proper leadership qualities and positive attitudes towards 'Organizational Environmental Dependence', the organization cannot expect to have sustainability in the international competitive market. It is thus, important to note that 'Organizational Environmental Dependence' is very much close to the practical speculation of organizational behavior, practices by both the employers and the employees. It is the source for providing awareness of professionalism in organizational domain.


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