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Free «How Climate Change has affected the Middle East» Essay Sample

The article is found on http://www.scientificamerican.com/article.cfm?id=climate-change-and-rising-food-prices-heightened-arab-spring and it addresses the effects of climate change in the Middle East and how it has brought about shortage in food supply and the nation’s instability. According to Perez and a report by the ClimateWire (2013) that was conducted in the Middle East and North Africa, climate change was a major contributor to the emergence of the Arab Spring as well as political instability. This has brought about more harm to the community living in the regions because it has brought financial constraint as well as conflict among the citizens. The article confirms that the role of climate change in the Middle East brought about the upheavals during 2010 and 2011 because of minimal rainfall and increase in the food prices (Perez & ClimateWire, 2013). Climate Change and the Arab Spring have led to instances where the moral values of individuals become violated because the citizens living in the Midzdle East have minimal access to the nation’s agricultural produce. The rich get access to such products since they have the resources but the majority, who are poor don’t get access and in the process, resulting to violence.


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2. Reasons

The fact that climate change has impacted the Middle East has made the region vulnerable to extreme fluctuations in the prices of food and also in terms of how to supply the food. This has resulted to high importation of food. The report indicates that the region is one of the largest food importers due to less arable land and minimal water for irrigation. This is a moral issue because such nations are the leading in terms of oil exportation. Therefore the Middle East nations have enough capital to ensure irrigation in the nation. Instead, the leaders have forfeited such responsibilities but rather vested their interests in other activities (Perez & ClimateWire, 2013). As a result of such, the citizen’s moral integrity becomes questioned as most of them turn to violence and other heinous activities.

3. Solution

Finally, the Middle East together with nations in the northern part of Africa can team up and try to develop their lands. The security issue ought to be addressed because certain nations like Russia tend to rely more on violence and the use of threats so as to get things done. Egypt for example should strive and maintain the nation’s economic and agricultural growth instead of forming ties with the Soviet Union because it might lead to the total collapse of the country due to the change in the international climate.


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