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Sustainable agriculture leads to production of high yields, techniques used in sustainable agriculture are. Crop rotation, where by different crops are grown in the same field crop rotation is mainly used to keep away pest infestation. Another technique is the usage of cover crops; this limits using of chemicals like insecticides, fertilizers  (sustainable agriculture techniques).

Green products I would use for my home are, Glass which has few energy and pollution savings. But glass is fragile and little recycling is done. Masonry products and ceramics one main disadvantage is that recycling them is hard, but when recycled can be use to fill sidewalks. I would use Plastics, because they can be reused, but they are hard to recycle. Water energy is the most commonly used Renewable energy source in the U.S and can be referred to as Hydropower. This accounts for seven percent of the energy used in the country; hydropower plants use dams to store water (Renewable energy source in the U.S)

Environmentalism is the process of getting concerned, improving and preserving of the natural environment from human activities. It's always based on an environmental movement. This is in form of education programs to the public, through treaties, legislation and advocacy. This makes almost everyone to be environmentalists (Environmentalism definition).

My opinion is that, Environmental movements should be formed. Education programs be introduced to educate people on preserving the environment. If this is done the environment would be restored.There are concerns about the Antarctica; the ice seems to be melting faster than the rate at which it freezes. This will in future raise sea levels, which will put landmasses below the water. The future of the Earth is revealed by the fate of the Antarctica, scientists have studied the continent and its creatures. Its effects will affect humanity (Is it getting warmer?).

When the Earth's atmosphere warms up, gases are formed. This build up is thought to allow the sun's rays to heat the Earth, this then makes the infra red atmosphere opaque to infra red radiation  that prevents counterbalancing heat loss (Explain green house effect).

Global warming is the increase in the Earth's temperature; here are some of the causes. The release of carbon dioxide from vehicles, leads to the emission of 33% carbon dioxide to the atmosphere. deforestation of tropical forests for wood charcoal and cultivation and the rise in sea levels worldwide especially on the East coast of the U.S, disappearance of coral reefs. The effects of global warming are, increasing rate of hurricanes and cyclones, high climate change leading to crop failure etc (Global warming effects and causes).


Sustainable agriculture leads to high yields; environmentalism is the process of getting concerned about restoring and improving natural environment. Concerns about the Antarctica; the ice melts faster than it freezes. Causes of global warming include release of carbon dioxide from burning gasoline, deforestation etc. effects are melting of ice caps, drought.


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