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This essay aims at discussing the environment of Lebanon and it will specifically emphasize on the population as far as agriculture is concerned. Lebanon has been faced by a lot of challenges in as far as environment is concerned (Henriette, p.17). This has been as a result of the recent conflicts according to a report by United Nations. Some of the challenges facing Lebanon as well as its population include toxic waste, cluster bombs on farms as well as the damage to the sewerage system and water system. These issues among others need urgent measures to curb them and hence avoid further environmental pollution(Gari,p.480).

Taking into consideration the fact that the surface of Lebanon amounting to six percent is covered by wood and 12% of the surface of Lebanon is covered by fertile land, it is facing vulnerability of being cleared to create space for urbanization. It therefore emerges that the environmental authorities needs to mitigate such action since they may endanger the development of agriculture in Lebanon by leaving no space for practicing agriculture(National Report on the Environment and Development in Lebanon). It is worth noting that pollution related to pesticides as well as solid waste calls for control over the quantity as well as quality used as far as the product is concerned. This points make it clear to us that the quality and quantity of fertilizer, pesticides and herbicides just to mention but a few affects agriculture in Lebanon to great extent due to the fact that it leads to the pollution of both water and soil which are a key ingredient to the success of agriculture(UNEP Report Highlights Environmental Legacy of the Lebanon Conflict,2007/02). This therefore should stop if the environmental authorities want to curb this menace of ruining agriculture. Taking into consideration the fact that soil fertility loss which is required for agriculture is in the rise, the deterioration of agriculture in Lebanon will continue to increase.

Of the land that cultivated in Lebanon, almost half of it is on the slopes of the mountain and this subjects country to economical strains as terrains are dealt with to avoid soil erosion(Evans, p.18). Another environmental threat to agriculture in Lebanon is the urbanization extension which has continued to claim agricultural land and if the government does not step in , there will be no land left for agriculture in Lebanon(Spengler and Sexton, p.9).


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