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New York City (January 22, 2010)- In his continued effort to make an impact on the environment, Colin Beavan, an environmentalist delivered a talk at XXX University with the purpose of challenging everyone on how to save the planet.

Bevan talked of his "provocative" acts in New York City of avoiding electric power, automobile transport, paper products, and processed food for the whole year since he did not want any problems. Through these efforts, he made discoveries, which are featured, in his book "No Impact Man" in which was published in 2006. This book is about an individual who is guilty about his actions on the planet. He then puts effort in an attempt to save the earth. These efforts lead to discoveries about man, his way of life and the planet. In a documentary of the same name, Beavan highlights climate change, lack of clean water, resource depletion and the unreliable food production systems.

He is the founder of the "No Impact Project." This project is global, environmental based and is not aimed at making profits. It seeks to create awareness among people on the choices that they make and their impact on the environment. Beavan said "the project challenges people to change their lifestyles, attitudes towards the highly politicized debates on environment and do something to save the planet." It is about the mother earth and not politicians. People have to live sustainably or face the serious consequences of climate change.

Any person can join the "No Impact Project" and there are no charges. Members are required to educate their families and respective communities on the ways that they can save the environment. This project relies on charity, donations, and aims to create immediate awareness on the environmental concerns worldwide. For further details, one can contact the No Impact Project offices in New York.


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