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In most of the countries women are being deprived off from their basic rights. In past women in many countries were not allowed to vote in elections of any kind. So there was none to fight their plight in such a community. There are many alliances and movements, like The International Women Suffrage Association, International Socialism and many others, which are working on severe sort of issues of women. In most of the societies the women are treated as home servants and their obligation is only limited to cleanliness, care of children, and kitchen management. In narrowminded societies women are not allowed to get education which is the basic right of each and every person and those who were educated they were not allowed to do the jobs in the past. In most of the illiterate socities and families women are treated as the personal property of the husbands and they have to exploit their wives in their own way. No heed is being given to the wordings of women because they are considered as ignorant, uneducated, and stupid. The above mentioned reasons or challenges are playing a vital role in attaingin suffrage in the life of women.

In the movie Iron Jawed Angels we can see the theme as illustrated above that Alice Paul and National Women Party in 1917 in US started a movement that women must also be allowed to vote in the election. But the government at that very time tried his best to suppress the suffrage movement and the government officials have adopted all sort of black deeds for the achievement of their objectives. The supporting people were sent to jail and there they were tortured harshly by the US government. The movie Iron Jawed Angels is the representative of the plight of women.


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