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To begin with, African American citizens fought for a long time against the segregation that was in the state following Jim Crow's rules. Among the many segregation laws were the city rules which governed the transportation sector in any city. Following this point, all the buses in the city meant for the transportation of citizens had their seats divided into two. In each bus all the front and middle seats belonged to the white people while the back seats were meant for the blacks (Klarman, 2004). Surprisingly, any time the number of the white passangers surpassed their seats, the black people had to give up their seats even if they had already paid for them. Sometimes the drivers of these buses could just decide to leave before the black people board the bus yet they had already paid. It is these actions that made the black people to revolt against the rules of segregation.

However, among the many revolts against these rules Rosa Sparks' refusal to give up her seat to a white man marked the peak of the whole process. Notably, Sparks' action was not the root cause of the whole problem but it acted as a precipitating factor toward the Montgomery bus boycott .This because even before Rosa's action the African American had tried to crop up a boycott through other people who had been victimized by the same rules but were unable due to the vulnerable personalities of those involved. Actually, plans for a boycott were underway as a result of Colvin's imprisonment but this could not work because it was later discovered that she had been impregnated by an old man (Phibbs, 2009). Therefore Colvin's case could not be used because it could have acted as a moral contravene to the black community who were really committed to religious issues.

More to this point, Sparks' refusal to give up her seat led to a great movement that resulted to the Montgomery bus boycott because the black people were tired of oppression (Tarsitano, Nichols & Matthews, 2002). At this point in time, the blacks got a good reason to use Sparks' case because she was regarded as a perfect test for the country and city isolation. She was also morally upright and her polical ability also assisted the black community to fight for their rights since she was updated in politics. It is these reasons that lead to the great Montgomery bus boycott.


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