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The issue of gender identity has reached another level where some people try to defy the majority rule that there were only two genders - male and female. In the 1990s, there was a fight by gay people as they tried to seek their social identity, which they eventually got. Since then there has been other issues that have emerged, among the people look for another new concept for definition if gender. The new generation is looking for their social space, just like the gay and lesbian people did in the earlier years. This new generation is said to have a problem in identifying themselves, not only in terms of sexual orientation, but also through physical and mental beings. They have engaged social media in the fight and have recently taken the fight to institutions.

This development may not be as welcome among the people of the older generations, most of whom believe that there were only two basic genders, male and female. Some even were brought up in environments that do not have any recognition of any queer gender. This means that such people would have problems in accepting the development where people try to express their feelings and suggestion that they cut across the two main genders, not only through their sexual orientation, but also through their body morphology.

Where we were brought up, we fall in the second category. We all knew that one could either be a man or a woman. Though we heard something about gays and lesbians, it was always a surprise and this gave us a bad feeling about the people who did not follow what we thought and believed was the natural law of a concrete difference between male and female genders. With this seed being planted in us from a very tender age, we can hardly understand the excitement from the new generation that they want recognition that they are not oriented to any single sex, but feel that they possess traits that can be described in both genders. We can never understand how a man, for instance may want to try to convince himself that he was a woman. We can hardly understand how a child was born and raised by her parents wearing dresses and other woman clothes can change her names and claim that she was a boy. It is also weird that some of these teens claim to feel different in the midst of people who belong to be of the same sex (same sex means the perceived sex of the weird people)These young people have even started movements and some institutions are creating places where such people can use freely. This is a real revolution with respect to perceptions and beliefs. To us, the best definition to this crop of people would be weird and queer. Unfortunately, they do not like that description and even if they decline to accept it, we have no choice because it seems like we shall never understand them.


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