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There are the times when one is required to put their thoughts on paper. This might be in school, workplace or general life endeavors. The expression of thoughts and ideas has been a way of sharing one’s opinion for a long time. This gives rise to the concept of plagiarism. Plagiarism refers to the wrongful use of someone else’s published work. In such an instance, a writer will directly quote another writer with the intent of stealing his/her ideas. While it is not a crime in the conventional sense, it constitutes a moral offence and academic dishonesty. There is, however, no legal provision for punishment on plagiarism.

This concept exists among academicians and scholars. Many people confuse this concept with copyright infringement. This is, however, not the case. While the former constitutes gaining unwarranted reputation from someone’s work, the latter involves illegal use of the copyright. It might not necessarily be in the written form; instead, one may use the copyright for other purposes.


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Plagiarism has many disadvantages to the field of writing. Top of the list is killing creativity. When writers engage in plagiarism, they deny themselves a chance to come up with original materials. If creativity is to die, the world of literature would die as well. Also, creativity is needed in day-to-day life. Hence, by plagiarizing, a person denies himself a chance to contribute usefully to the society. Stealing of ideas is also a consequence of plagiarism. When this happens, students do not learn anything new. Instead, they rely on other people to think for them. This is bad since the sole purpose of schooling is learning about independence.

Another demerit of plagiarism is promoting laziness. This is the greatest vice that can lodge in the mind of students. While in school, one is trained to be resourceful and hardworking. The concept of laziness should hence be unheard of in academic circles. Every student should take it upon himself not to engage in academic theft. This is because the generation that is in school today will be the leaders of tomorrow. Although plagiarism may seem like a petty offence, it breeds other vices such as theft and dishonesty. This will hence build a culture of bad leaders and hence affect more aspects of livelihood.

Plagiarism can be avoided by embracing creativity and the zeal to learn. A person should take pride in his/her work and strive to find originality. This gives warranted credibility and a good reputation. One can also take advantage of numerous plagiarism detecting softwares that appeared in the market. By simply running a document through the software, it is possible to detect the sections that have been plagiarized and give someone a chance to correct. This makes the task of avoiding plagiarism easy.


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