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Free «Major Proofs for God’s Existence» Essay Sample

Certainly, the question of God’s existence is one of the most important questions of human entity which influences the whole way of life of the mankind. The history has seen many attempts of theologians, philosophers and priests to prove that God exists. All these attempts aim to prove God’s existence by creating a concept of the superior being in the universe that everyone must love and obey. There can be defined a few major arguments for God’s existence: The Cosmological Argument, The Ontological Argument, The Moral Argument, The Teleological Argument, and The Argument from Religious Experience.

The cosmological argument claims that everything in the Universe has a cause outside of itself and this cause is God. It means that our Universe, as well as everything in it, is a phenomenon and therefore there must be a reason that caused all this. This approach characterizes the immaterial nature of the Universe which is not restricted by space and time, and has no energy. The cosmological argument proves that God is an immaterial spirit which is omnipresent, perpetual, and almighty.


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One of the most popular arguments to prove the existence of God is the ontological argument that operates with God’s concept explication to prove His existence. Under this approach, God is defined as the greatest essence in the Universe, and it is impossible to imagine somebody to be greater than Him. It also says that existence is greater than non-existence, so the greatest essence that can ever be imagined must exist. That is why one needs to accept that God, as the perfect entity, exists not only in our imagination but in reality as well.

Another scientific proof for God’s existence is the moral argument which is the result of the human nature, because only human being has intellect and morality. These characteristics do not exist in animals. This fact indicates that the Creator is an intelligent, moral living being, but not some kind of inanimate power. Every culture was subject to certain laws of society during the history of humanity. Everyone has a sense of good and evil, and that is why murder, lies, thievery, immorality arose reprobation at all times. It brings us to the understanding that there is no other way for good and evil concepts to appear in our consciousness, except being given from God.

The teleological argument is based on the understanding that our Universe demonstrates an impressive conception and there must be a divine creator of this perfection. For example, if the Earth was a few hundred kilometers closer or farther from the Sun it would have never provided proper conditions of life on it. Exploration of the world around us shows that everything in it was created by the Supreme Being and the creation has its sense and purpose.

There can also be arguments taken from religious experience which means there are various artifacts related to the earthly life of Jesus Christ, and also scenes and appearances which are recognized to be miracles. All this designate the direct evidence to prove the existence of God. This argument calls for people who have already experienced a situation which could be defined as a miracle, and the fact that those people had the described experience creates an indirect evidence for the existence of God.

In any case, none of these arguments will convince someone who has firmly decided to deny the existence of God. The acceptance of His existence in one’s soul is only possible through faith. It seems that every individual has a specific tool to contemplate about “the higher” concept of the Superior Being and this tool is our soul. Proving the existence of God, we have every reason to say that atheism is a huge mistake and unbelief may lead us to darkness and desperation. Thus, we can say that God exists because even in terms of evolutionism it is rather absurd to assume the man to be the pinnacle of evolution. It would be much more logical to accept the Supreme Being existence.


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