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Free «Playing God» Essay Sample

Playing God

           Having been a medical practioner for a while now, this mind boggling situation is the most undesirable one to face. We are taught to the extent of swearing to save lives in our day to day practice. It is for this the very reason I joined medical school. It is therefore profoundly grave that such a momentous decision dependents solely on me, as I do not consider myself or any other person for that matter being worthy to decide who should live and who should not. Anyone’s life is as precious as any other’s .All concerned gentlemen deserve the gift of the second chance in life.

To the African American

           It is as surprising as it is bewildering that even in profoundly grave moments like this one can afford even a slight carefree nature attitude; this is a great attribute as it implies that you lower the risk of psychiatric disorders such as anxiety and depression which would further deteriorate the heart condition. However, certain lifestyle choices that cause risk factor conditions such as overweight or obesity deteriorate the heart condition and to counter this, heart transplantation is imperative. Being strongly grounded on one’s religious beliefs is a great feature, for faith can do what medicine cannot. Sport activities are also important.



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To The White American-Irish

           constant over-indulgence in alcohol despite your health condition is a situation warranting psychological review as it not only deteriorates your health but also lessens an already little chance  to survive an operation due to weak internal organs and weakend  immunity. Alcoholism combined with individualistic tendencies does not suggests you for a heart transplant.

To the Asian American- Chinese

           The inevitable loss of an incredibly polite intellectual due to a premature demise caused by lack of a heart transplant would be great for this society. However, it is important to note that thanks to your high socioeconomic status and a supportive community, necessary funds will be available. What concerns us, we are preparing everything for the transplantation.

To the Hispanic American- Latino

           Given the epidemiologic paradox  your social status and  nationality it do not, , necessarily give a considerable health advantage .Although health patterns  do not always meet expectations,  we hope that this health paradox  will help  in this case and   during other heart transplantations. In comparison with the other candidates, you have the highest chance to survive

To the Native American-Choctaw

            Herbal medicines and reliance on traditional choctaw doctors may not combine well with today's clinical medicine. Alternative medicine such as herbal therapies, for example, may have elements that offer temporary relief, albeit cardiovascular conditions. However, the interaction with clinical drugs can further deteriorate the condition. That is why until a body is free of herbal elements we cannot perform such a serious operation. Alcohol intake should be also stopped. It is obvious that you have a great ability to survive despite difficulties.


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