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Free «Margaret - A case study» Essay Sample

This case study needs more information the father of Margret's children. More information is also needed on the nature of relationship between Margret and the boyfriend. I would also need more information on why Margret thinks that things were easier when the dad was alive. I would also talk to the Margret son because he seems to be the centre of it all and he is the one being affected negatively by the mom's absence. I would also need more information on how they used to live when the father was alive. More information would be needed on whether Margret's son is doing drugs or the mom is just suspicious.Who is being askedWhat is being asked6. What is do you think is making you lose focus in your studies?

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7. How do you feel about your mom not being there most of the time?8. Why do you refuse to do anything your mother tells you? Has she wronged you?Margret's daughter9. Why do you like spending a lot of time at your aunt's place?10. Do you miss mommy a lot when she is not at home?11. What do you like doing?Margret's mother12. Do you think the death of your friend has psychologically affected your family?13. What do you think about Margret relationship?14. Is James disrespectful towards you?15. What is affecting James performance in school?16. Do you think working fewer hours will have any effect on the family?Margret's sister17. How did the death of your father affect you?18. Why do you think Margret's daughter like spending time at your place?19. Do you think something is wrong with her?20. Are you doing well financially than Margret?Question 1 is important and would help understand why the biological can't pay support for Margret children so that she does not have to work long hours and have time with her children. Question 2 would establish whether the boyfriend is just using her for his own personal needs, I don't see why Margret should spend a lot of time working and at the end of the day she has children to feed, the guy should act responsibly and stop being a tick so I would investigate.

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Question 3 would establish why Margret chooses to spend the little time she gets with her boyfriend rather than with her own kids. This proves she is not a responsible parent.Question 4 would establish whether Margret is just blaming their own problems on the death of the father. Question 5 would understand why Margret spends her hard earned money on the boyfriend yet he is an adult and they are having problems paying rent.Question 6, 7 and 8 would reveal James side of view on why he was failing and disrespecting his father. Because we have just heard the mother of point view and she is not even sure whether he is doing drugs.Question 9 would examine why the kid goes to her aunts place.Question 10 and 11 would establish whether Miranda liked spending time at her aunts because her mom is simply not there. I think that she likes playing because she is just two and active like most children of her age.Question 12 would establish whether Margret is right in blaming all their problems on the death of the father. She is having quarrels with the daughter and I would seek to know from her side of view how she feels about her daughter's relationship and how it has affected her and the children (Question 13).Question 14 would establish whether James is being disrespectful only to the mother or the whole family. This would establish whether his mother is the root of his problems.

Question 15 is a test question for seeking to know whether the mother blames her daughter for his grandson poor performance.Question 16 would seek to know whether the mother was willing to work on spending more time with the children.Question 17 establishes whether the death of her father affected her in the same way as Margret. Margret's sister spends a lot of time with Miranda and maybe she understood her better than her own mother (Question 18).Question 19 would seek to know whether Margret was right in saying that her daughter is abnormally active.Question 20 would establish whether she was doing well than Margret because she had more money or she was being responsible.I have adopted a systemicist viewpoint. A have looked at the bigger picture like of the ethical dilemma. Margret's decisions seem to be harming her loved ones. She is involved with a boyfriend who the mother is not happy about, the son is also not happy because of her absence and her daughter spends most of the time at her sisters because no one is at home. I would want to interview the father of these children and he might clear up on why he has neglected his duties and why he parted with Margret. My conclusion is that she is the cause of all of the problems in her family. The information would be of assistance in assessing the family since he would clarify on the reason why he did not want to be part of this family. These actors' behavior and responses would in identifying the major important, social, emotional and environmental factors which have resulted to the problem in Margret's family as Neukrug and Fawcett (2010) argued.


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