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KSAO refers to a model that indicates the competency of an individual in relation to a certain job. It shows the knowledge, skills and abilities among other characteristics that are essential to perform tasks in a given position. The model is extremely vital in determining the right person to fill a given position. Deleting some KSAO’s and tasks from the job description will obviously have significant impacts on the how individual performs in the affected position.

A job description is a formal and written statement that details the required qualifications, duties and responsibilities, expected contribution and outcome, co workers and the reporting relationship of a worker. The job description is a product of a job analysis. It also contains information pertaining to the working conditions, the equipments and tools to use and how the position relates to other positions in the organization.

The first step in dealing with the case would be to determine the relationship between the given tasks and KSAO’s and employee safety. This would call for an extensive job analysis for the affected positions. This would involve a review the job descriptions by analyzing the current tasks and responsibilities. The analysis would come up with a list detailing the vital tasks for the position, and the less significant tasks. Armed with the results of the analysis, I would advise the managers on the best way forward.

The job description would not be effective without the vital tasks. However, if such tasks touch on employee safety, then the organization would need to ensure employee safety through appropriate measures. For instance, the management can provide safety equipment and clothing for workers performing such tasks. For the less significant tasks, depending on employee safety issues involved, the managers can delete such tasks. This is because the deletion of such tasks would not impact on the position significantly.


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