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As I sit in my room watching my TV set, a program on the set up concerns with overweight people being assisted to trim up. Then a series of thoughts run through my understanding of how people are afraid of death, why they genuinely want to have excellent physical appearance, and why they want at having excellent health? Amidst all this questions, there is one that pops up and interests me the most, why don’t people practice healthy living? If one can imagine the agony of living a life full of health complication and finally an early death, then the importance of healthy living would be appreciated for what it actually means to mankind. What might be the reason as to why such programs are aired in our television sets? It could be that the importance of practicing healthy lifestyles has dawned on a few individuals who are filled with the urge of helping the rest of the human folk.

It would be of much help if only we understand what we put in stake when we are practicing unhealthy lifestyles. Healthy living is of much importance to us as it is to our posterity. It is the foundation we lay for ourselves and them; it is the hope of seeing a better tomorrow, the light that will rekindle their darkened paths, and the joyous tunes that will always reverberate in their minds when we are finally gone. We are not ready to die, and neither can we bear the thought of our children dying young in our arms. Healthy living might just be our only way out, but are we exceptionally well equipped to make it work? What are we expected to do that will make us attain the real best?



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It is indeed a saddening reality that many deaths experienced today are as a result of lifestyle diseases (Reeves, 2000). Unhealthy living has become a status quo in this world that we are living in today. It is particularly crucial for us to embrace a healthy life style. As a certain famous scholar once said that, the greatest wealth is health. I am left to wondering regarding this fact of how many of us are poor? We are all swimming in poverty of health, immersed in the world of deadly chronic diseases like cancer and diabetes. Increased incidence of health related complication has been a monumental giant facing the globe recently. It’s the principal reason for the increased morbidity and mortality rate (Elly, 2006). My main agenda would be to encourage people to become addicted to living a healthy lifestyle for this is the only way they will escape the hospital door and avoid an early death. Sustained healthy living maintains a healthy society which is vital for growth and development in any nation. Living a healthy life simply means eating healthy foods, doing physical activities and exercise and avoiding stress in every possible way. Governments and other stake holders should enforce policies aimed at sustaining healthy life styles to all.

Many of us have been made to believe that the leading causes of death is undeniably cancer, diabetes, stroke or heart diseases. Is this really the case? The truth might just turn out to be different. These diseases apparently happen not to be the leading causes of the deaths experienced in the world. The most dreadful cause that every person should avoid like a plague is the unhealthy lifestyle that we have been addicted to.

Have you ever wondered how many people lose their lives due to unhealthy living? The results are shocking; the number of deaths caused by lifestyle diseases is indeed tremendous. Diabetes mellitus for instance claimed the lives of 30 million people ten years ago, approximately 140 million lives today and worse of all, it is estimated to rise to 300 million lives by the year 2025 (American Diabetes Association, 2005-2010). This case can be compared to other lifestyle diseases particularly cancer. In 2008 for instance, cancer claimed approximately 7.6 million lives worldwide, with the rate expected to rise gradually to over 11 million by the year 2030 (American Cancer Society, 2008-2010). This should probably attract a wakeup call to every individual due to the fact that the number of deaths caused by lifestyle diseases is downright alarming. A criteria of curbing these awful outcomes need to be implemented fast to suit us well.

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Mathew Reeves an epidemiologist of Michigan State University reveals the saddening fact that only 3% of American citizens maintain a healthy life style (Reeves, 2000). It may not be surprising if the case is much worse in other parts of the world. I am perplexed from these statistics, is it that people no longer value their lives? What is happening to this world that we are living? A healthy nation is vital for any meaningful growth and development in that particular nation and the world at large. A healthy society is the foundation of a nation.

The question then comes to every single person, why are we embracing unhealthy lifestyles? Which are these unhealthy practices? Poor diet, lack of physical activities and exercise, smoking, excessive alcohol intake and taking diets that are low in both vegetables and fruits is the main causes of this catastrophe. Such practices increase the risk of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, cancer, and premature mortality. These practices have apparently increased the rate of dying to a certain extent that can be equated to being 12 years older, with smoking increasing death risks by 58% (Mason, 2010). These are the types of activities that we engage ourselves in, so unfortunate that we are digging an early grave for ourselves.

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If people value their lives, they would find it imperative to note that the effects of unhealthy lifestyles by far exceed what medicine has to offer and that an early death is the ultimate outcome for unhealthy living. Unhealthy lifestyles cause deadly and inevitable diseases. They present a number of dangers to our lives; high cholesterol found normally in animal foods for instance elevates levels of blood cholesterol, which apparently increase the risks of stroke or heart diseases. Animal foods that contain high cholesterol include eggs, organ meat (kidney, liver and spleen) and brains (pork, beef and lamb).

We sometimes get allergies. What we need to worry about is the causes of this allergies. Actually, any food can cause allergy, but the particular ones to be blamed for the highest percentage of allergies, are eggs, milk, tree nuts, fish, peanuts, and wheat. Yeast infections (Cardidiasis) are as results from an overgrowth of the body’s normal yeast and thus, foods that do affect the yeast levels contribute to yeast infections (Elly, 2006). Such foods include; vinegar, sugars, starches, yeast, refined carbohydrates and yeast containing products. About 10%n to 30% of all adults, and as many as 40% of children are affected by allergy resulting to the prevalence of allergy standing at 35% in Australia and Europe, as reported by European Community Respiratory Health Survey (ECRHS). Unhealthy eating lifestyle also results to heartburn, Acid Reflux, kidney stones, Migraine and headache to a large portion of the population.

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If we were to get a solution to unhealthy living, then we would have to attain it from a list of options. Every single life choice that we make is extremely crucial. We most certainly require a planned, balanced diet and frequent consultation of medical professions to advice us on the best diet that is available. Consumption of vegetables and at least five fruits a day is enough to escape the doctor. Our white blood cells are strengthened by healthy eating and are able to protect our bodies from diseases much easier.

It is extremely essential that we learn to incorporate physical activities and other aspects of exercise in our daily routine. The society needs to embrace a paradigm shift from lazy lives to more active life by doing exercises like sidewalks, bike paths and going to the gym for at least an hour daily. One needs to uphold physical activities in order to maintain a standard of weight. It is also necessary to understand that overweight leads to obesity. Obese persons are more prone to diseases such as diabetes and other chronic diseases. The best way is devising a mechanism of preventing obesity to strike you.

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People should devote their efforts towards putting an end to unhealthy lifestyles. Smoking is among the unhealthy lifestyle act leading to approximately 90% of lung cancer deaths in men and 80% in women (Terry, 2005). Those addicted to smoking should probably seek assistance from a rehabilitation center since it is a fact that smoking kills. There are many rewards that come up if one does not engage in smoking. For instance, a person’s body is in robust health; money for consuming cigarettes is saved or otherwise used to improve one’s diet. It is a hard task to live a healthy lifestyle, but the rewards that come with it prove it is worth making an attempt.


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