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Health is vital phenomenal for the well being of any human being. I have passion and love for looking after the health of people. This is the major reason as to why I chose my career in the line of health care. I am choosing primary care as my advance practice. This is in order to allow me to venture more into preventative care, more a community approach. Apart from the numeration it comes with, nursing is a career that in my opinion that has a class, and is respected in the community. In addition, you get to help many people. To me this is a network building career, and as a result I will get to know many people. I like this career due to the challenge it brings forward. It is challenging to study how a human body functions. To my opinion, I enjoy and love seeing a patient who comes to the hospital sick, and goes home smiling.

Nevertheless, this career has also demerits just like any other career. My main challenge is to see someone die in my presence. It is hard to handle the relatives and friends of the diseased, but it is in my line of duty to undertake all that. Another but not of major concern challenge to me is the time dedicated to the job. It is time and energy demanding. I sacrifice my private time to attend to an emergency call. To me it is something I love doing, hence I don’t have any objection towards that.

My clinical practice will be in the community to help bridge the shortage in primary care with my advance practice. I will work in collaboration with my team to help eliminate hospital cost with preventative care. I will achieve this by conducting regular awareness campaign to my community. The impact this has is that, as the saying, “prevention is better than cure”. Therefore, once my community is educated on the basis on which to prevent them from illness, this will help them stay a disease free life. As a result, there will be less admission into hospital, hence less cost.

As recently advocated by president Obama in his health care overhaul law, better preventive coverage is one of his priority goals. He stated that, for healthy living standards, citizens should indulge in activities that boost good health, eat balanced diet, and exercise regularly. It is with this comment that I decided to further my career in this aspect of community sensitization. I intend to educate the community on how to cut down on medical bills by getting involved in activities that will boost their health standards. President Obama called for the establishment of organizations that educate the community on how to have a healthy environment, and as a result it will sensitize the citizens on how to lead a life free from diseases.


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