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Free «Drug Usage and its effects» Essay Sample

The words "Drug use" as used in this review means, the use of drugs for recreational reasons and not medical.

Why people take drugs.

Teenagers may take drugs as a test of experience or to explore the effects of such drugs.

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The other reason is that people take drugs in response to an innate drive to alter consciousness. Peer pressure is another major reason as to why youths take drugs.


What are the effects of drug usage?

On a wide scope, drug usage has a number of effects on a person.

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The most common is addiction-a state in which a person cannot survive without drugs.  Drug use can lead to a negative change in the state of mind, people can do things that they would not have done in a normal state of mind. Another effect is deterioration of the health of a drug user.


However there are people who claim that drug use is not necessarily bad. It is claimed that some people use drugs t o alter their consciousness which can be neither desirable nor undesirable. Such alteration may lead to a sense of physical lightness and timelessness and a sense of ego. On basis of significant arguments, altered states of consciousness have great potential for strong positive psychic development on an individual.


Sadly the above cannot be proved medically because it associates a nonmaterial concept that cannot be quantified. Until the time when this concept can be medically proved, it is best to stick medical experts. The use of drugs for recreational purposes has more repercussions than benefits.


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