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I am the public health officer of the Pima community. Finding a solution to diabetes is crucial for the survival of our tribe. With the increasing number of deaths resulting from diabetes, it is crucial to find both short term and long-term solutions to this epidemic. Similarly, it is encouraging that the people of Pima have held this important gathering to find a lasting solution to the terminal ailment. To eradicate the epidemic, all people from diverse backgrounds must engage in a healthy lifestyle that minimizes the chances of contracting the terminal disease. Diabetes is a terminal lifestyle disease. As a result, all people across all age groups must engage in a healthy lifestyle of eating healthy foods while exercising regularly. As a community, we need to change the social policies in order improve the health of the community. Recent studies show that obesity is the leading risk factor of contracting diabetes. Improving on our diet and exercising regularly can reduce changes of obesity within families.

Various foods and drinks around the community increase the risk of obesity. Fries is a common snack available in most fast foods joints around this area.Fries are popular food among people of all ages because it is readily available and cheap. Many people find it hard to cook hence find themselves in these fast food joints. To fight this epidemic, we should minimize our intake of junk foods and sugared soft drinks. On the contrary, parents should encourage children to take healthy snacks such as fruits and milk instead of oily foods. Parents must learn to cook healthy and balanced diets in the homes and encourage all family members to adopt the habit of eating healthy foods at home. The move is not aimed at eradicating food joint businesses, but a motivation to food vendors to adopt healthy diets in their hotels.

Besides eating healthy diets, it is vital that the society gets into the habit of regularly exercising. Consequently, the society should set aside places for running, jogging and other sports. In order to enlighten the community, measures must be put in place allowing free exercise places within the community so that members can adopt a healthy lifestyle.

Conclusively, in order to eradicate diabetics, the society must adopt a healthy lifestyle of eating balanced diet and exercising regularly. All stakeholders across all fields must harmoniously work together in enlightening the society on the importance of a healthy lifestyle and the negative impacts of diabetics on the body and the economy.


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