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Chronic stress exhibited by people for months has some relation with migraine. The relationship between stress and migraine according to the author of this article is two-fold. First, stress is not a primary trigger of migraine unlike other causes of stress such as food, weather and hormones. Secondly, thediathesisstress theory proposes that people who have genetic predisposition to particular disorders are prone to stress and stress related ailments such as cardiac vascular and prolonged and more painful migraines.

It is clear that this article will be paramount in demystifying the relationshipbetweenstress and migraine. This is because it has identified that there exists a direct relationship between stress and migraine. The author has categorically stated this relationship is proportionate. That is, a person suffering from chronic stress also suffers from migraine. These people are even more prone to this relationship if they have genetic predisposition according to thediathesistheory.

The study by the author of this research paper identified that there exists a relationship between stress and migraine. The author has reported that stress was one of the most reported causation of migraine. Theresearcher paper conclusion wasbased on the research undertaken in which 20 respondents studied were women suffering from migraines. It was found out that between 50-70% of the respondents showed much reciprocating correlations between their migraine and stress levels.

Therefore, this research paper will be essential in this study. This is because it has offered some insight on the relationship between stress and migraine. This is conclusion based on concrete evidence collected by the researchers. The research paper also has a number measures that could be used by the respondents in coping with stress and resultant migraines in their lives.

This article has identified that emotional stressexhibited by many people in the globe is the highest causer of migraines. This is because manypeople whosuffer from migraine are adversary affected by stressful events at every point of their lives. The basis of this conclusion on is a medical explanation by the author that clearly describes the relationship between migraine and stress. The article has identified that when people facestressful events, their brain reciprocates by releasing chemicals that combat these crises with either a flight or fight response in the people. The release of these chemicals could be fatal. This is because they could provoke changes in blood vessels in the brain which consequently induce the migraines. These migraines are either the episodic or chronic migraines. For instance, stress that emanates from high-pressure jobs is chronic vis-à-vis episodic stress that can arise from stress build up or unique circumstances that are stressful to people. It has also given a number of remedies that cantreat migraines and aid management of stress.

This article is paramount in helping the writer in completing this essay on evaluating the relationship between stress and migraine. This is because it has explained how stress causes migraine by citing the biological explanation that relates them. It has laid out the reciprocating relationship between stress and migraine. That is, ifstress is present in a person, it can result in the person having migraines whose severity is directly proportionate to the levels of stress the person has.


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