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The activity based approach to social studies appeals to me. It is a practical approach which gives a student an opportunity to learn from personal experience. This approach meets the aim of the study by engaging the learner. The approach covers a range of interrelated topics; this enables the learner to gain more knowledge of the world, hence, it gives a better understanding of the social issues around the world.

As for me, I would consider using the activity based methodology. In my opinion this method is a friendly approach to social studies instructions. However, the approach covers many unrelated topics; therefore, thus the learner will be disillusioned in the course of study. Another disadvantage of using this approach is the fact that activities are subdivided into thirteen parts, which in my opinion, is likely to confuse the learner. All in all, it is a good approach since it allows the student to gain knowledge through experiences; this is a remarkably effective way of study that ensures the learner grasps most of the knowledge. The approach is a good guide in research, by performing the activities laid down, the learner acquires crucial research method techniques; it will also offer the student a range of information to choose from.

The good thing about this activity based approach is that it does not limit the learners’ scope of knowledge. When the learner is performing the activities he or she will come across other unrelated but equally useful information. The constructivist approach to content and meaning is what I like about the approach. Constructivist theory argues that the knowledge is formed through a person’s cognition of the world. This approach enables the learner to develop an individualized understanding of the world through engaging in activities that give him the first hand experience. Finally, learners’ engagement in the practical approach will make it possible for them to create mental models that explain their understanding of the world.


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