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Based on the first article capturing on the Depression study by UVU professors in relation to cultural impacts, a lot of ideologies have been raised as a factor of excellence in the region. From the article, it is realized that students in the Utah Valley University have a greater zeal to perform well in their academic course work despite the perfectionism culture. Two prominent professors have equally launched out to ensure that the students perform well in comparison to other universities. Based on the basic requirements to academic excellence, it is very possible for the two professors to achieve their vision.

Firstly, academic excellence is a factor of self drive and devotion. So as to fully achieve their goal, the professors should widely mobilize both the students and other UVU to devote their resources towards assisting the raise the performance. As a result of properly coordinated team work, the Utah University would eventually realize the set goals for academic achievements. As observed by Dr. John, it is important top note that one of the major examples behind toxic perfectionism deals with low self esteem observed amongst the Utah University Students. This concept has since contributed to major draw backs in academic performance leading to depression.



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So as to comprehensively curb depression related complications in the University, various efforts have been employed at different levels of administration. These efforts would help solve psychological issues related to the students’ welfare in coordination with the academies scope. The most outstanding step observed in the university entails commitment by the overall director in charge of mental health services within the institution. In collaboration with behavioral science associate professor, there are higher hopes that the rate of depression would eventually reduce in UVU.

The first most contribution brought about by the medical department comprehensively dwells in research work on dealing with depression. Other objectives behind the research work included identification of major causative factors to depression. Based on the depression study carried out in 2007 by the American Agency, it was revealed that Utah leads the entire world in depression. It is however realized from the comparison results tabled from Texas university thet Utah did perform better in many fields. Despite being ranked lower in depression cases, Texas could still not math the academic excellence recorded by the Utah University. From the above observations, it can be seen that the basic counseling activities in conjunction with properly implemented research findings brought a difference in Texas. The main issue that was observed in this article is that more important attention should be focused on unique experiences by students at vast levels of experience. The main idea to deal with in this case entails toxic perfectionism.

Bad on the second article on UVU study, it is realized that religion plays a very vital role in dealing with depression. According to this article, Donald Meyers found out more basic information based on how effective religion is towards solving depression related complications. Based on research work carried out by two distinct members of UVU community, it was realized that religion brings about two different ways of understanding depression.

From the facts provided in the article, it is evident that most people who actively participate in faith related activities are least susceptible to any form of depression. As can be observed, religion carries with it important aspects of hope and faith in a super natural being. In the long run, most people under religion foundations would always feel a sense of promised hope in whatever problem. As a result of this hope, it becomes relatively hard for such individuals to fall into the trap of depression. It is however important to note that those who feel alienated from their religion are more likely to undergo clinical depression.

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The major facility observed when coming up with depression research findings on ranking Universities entail critical observations. The health associations gather information relating the number of adults who have at least experienced depression once. These individuals are then classified in the same category with those whose records show consistency. The article further offers recommendations relating to treatment and education as major key players in ensuring depression free environment. A major challenge in curbing depression has however been realized due to low levels of income earning.

According to further study on religion, the article provides that those whose faiths are strong in whatever religion they belong showed less depression cases. The main concept behind religion is fully based on trust and hope. A case in point can be cited from the Christian religion where hope is bestowed upon Christ. Christians believe more in Christ especially when they pass through tribulations. As a result of their faith, they are never stressed up to an extent of depression.

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The only serious issue as per to religion that can massively contribute to depression in the religious set up banks on alienation. Based on the ideologies raised by Dr. John, examples of toxic perfectionism include the aspect of religious alienation. In whatever society, any attempt to alienate an individual would always appear as a source of depression. It is equally important to note that those who view their excellence in terms of faith values may find it very hard to cope with depression. As a factor of concern, it is very vital for causation factors to be identified prior to counseling and depression treatment plans.


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