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There are so many issues in the world that have left people in dilemma and total confusion today. Some of these issues have been debated on for decades without coming to a conclusion and probably they wound come to any. One such an issue is abortion. Abortion can be defined as termination of pregnancy before the time of birth which can occur spontaneously or can be induced. It is carried out through surgical operation but many are the times that it is forced. It was first legalized in the United States of America in the 17th century by the British colonialists as it was already in the English common law. When it was introduced, people treated it with tolerance, for instance after it had been accepted by most of their followers, the church leaders also accepted it.

Many years after it had been introduced in the U.S.A, many counties are still fighting for or against it. It has become the most controversial issue of our time. Those who oppose abortion, including churches and some human rights agencies is a serious menace and that it should be treated as murder.

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However, the greatest challenge is that even the scientists are not very sure of when life begins, whether at conception or at birth. Those opposing it believe that life starts after conception and therefore strongly assert that abortion is but intentional killing of innocent human beings. They are hence considered to be advocating for the rights of the unborn and are commonly referred to as the pro-life.

Those proposing abortion are commonly referred to as the pro-choice groups and they argue that the mother of the unborn child should have the right to continue or end the pregnancy. They also argue that many of the cases of abortions are done on the backstreets and are administered by quakes and are very unsafe. They assert therefore that the legalized abortions are far much better and safer than the illegal abortion.

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They say that mothers of an unwanted child develop a lot of psychological and also social problems as they are a times secluded and avoided and more so in the communities that so much believe in superstition. The level of controversy in the U.S.A is considered to be little bit higher as the proponents and the opponents of the issue are divided on political lines.

In the U.S alone, close to two million women comes to see their children every year as they choose to end the pregnancy before birth. I n many of the cases, those who practice it justify their deeds by claiming that the economic hardship being experienced in the entire continent would not allow them to take care of a young one. This is very reasonable as it would look foolish to make an innocent being suffer because of your own mistakes. On the other hand, the pro-life groups argue that abortion can bring the mother untold misery like depression and sometimes physical harm to the mother like breast cancer and even experience ectopic pregnancies in the future. They also argue that we should learn not to decide for fate as no one is absolutely sure whether the child will lead a poor life.

What the pro-life groups fail to put into consideration is the fact that depending on the type of abortion and the reason, it is highly recommended. For instance, if the pregnancy is a threat to the mother's life, them it will be logical to induce an abortion as this will save the mother or otherwise both the mother and the child would loose their lives. A school girl would also seek for an abortion as she might not be in an opportunity to take good care of the child. The child will not enjoy its mother's milk as she will have very little time with her child. The breast milk is highly recommended by doctors as it is very nutritious and if the child does not get it, it might develop health problems later in life.

It is also realistic and logical that no mother would like to nurture a child she gets as a result of rape. This is because looking at the child would always be reminding her of the bitter ordeal she experienced on the hand of a rapist. She might also live to hate the innocent child as showing love to it might indicate that she has feelings for the man responsible, this may be the last person she would like to see. In such a case, it would be very necessary to induce an abortion to ease the mother from mental torture and agony.


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