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Free «Adopting a Cat» Essay Sample

Adopting a new cat can be a challenging task, however, this might be the best decision one can make. A cat is a charming and lovable pet which can offer its owner endless entertainment and fun. A cat is a playful, loyal, and soft pet that can bring companionship and a lot of joy to its owner. Many individuals usually describe themselves as “cat lovers”, whereas most of them may not understand or know the benefits of owning a cat. Besides giving their owners some companionship, there are many benefits associated with owning a cat.

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Regardless of whether an individual is searching for companionship for oneself or a companion for other pets, cats have been proved to contribute a distinctive quality to any form of relationship. Studies have indicated that pet owners, are generally less depressed or stressed, healthier, and have higher chances of recovering from serious accidents or illness.

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During periods of uncertainty and stress in the life of a person, it is normal for their blood pressure to rise. Research has shown that adopting a cat can lower blood pressure of cat owners.

Studies have also indicated that cat owners are less likely to suffer from anxiety attacks or depression than those who do not own cats. Another study has indicated that cats have calming effects on patients who are suffering from Alzheimer’s disease and their caretakers. Many people have questioned how adopting a cat might result in these benefits. Some people suggest that the answer lies in the soothing and calming effect that is associated with stroking a cat. Other people suggest that the act of providing shelter, love, and food for cats results in a sense of purpose in life.

As compared to other pets such as dogs, cats have a number of benefits over them. One such benefit is that cats are easier to “potty-train” as compared to dogs. Cats also have less demanding needs in terms of entertaining them, and they need less grooming as they usually spend a lot of time grooming using their tongue and paws. Moreover, cats are cuddlier as compared to other pets such as a mouse, snake, lizard, or pet fish.

Adoption of a cat helps in reducing pet overpopulation; this will benefit one from knowing that they have contributed in saving the life of an animal. In addition, adopting a cat from an animal shelter; which does not adhere to a “no kill policy,” means that you will be preventing the cat from being euthanized. The cat can also be provided with better conditions than the conditions at the animal shelter; this is because they will be given better care and more attention at home. Moreover, maybe the adopted cat is in need of companionship or is uncomfortable around other pets, by adopting it; the owner can provide the cat with a better environment which will be more comfortable to the cat.

From a family perspective, the adoption of a cat into a family can teach kids vital lessons in life relating to such virtues as love, loss, and responsibility. In as much as these benefits might come with adopting a cat, it is essential for the family wishing to adopt a cat to be fully prepared for this new relationship. It is crucial for cat owners to be informed on how best to handle cats. This will allow the cat to live a healthy and happy life, and provide an excellent companion to its owner. To begin with, just like any other pet such as dogs, cats require nutritious and wholesome food at least once a day. In addition, they should be provided with lots of fresh, clean, and cold water.

Cats should also be kept in the house, but should be kept in a separate room away from pets such as fish and birds, which they can easily attack. Additionally, cats should be kept away from plants which they can destroy, or other poisonous plants which they can eat.

Cats also do not need to be taken outside as regularly as dogs; they are almost naturally housebroken and can be able to use a litter box. It is likely that when cats are unaccompanied outside, they might get hurt, lost, or even killed. At all times, windows should not be left open when a cat is alone in a room. It is also advisable to have an identification tag on a cat, even when the cat is in the house. Clever and agile cats can be able to go outside even when they are alone. Therefore, a cat should have an expandable and comfortable collar which should have an identification tag with the owner’s phone number, address, and name.

Cats do not require regular baths as compared to dogs; a cat can be able to keep himself well groomed and clean. The owner should also make sure that the cat gets all the required shots and examinations. Cats should also be neutered and sprayed by a veterinarian once the cat has matured. This will enable the cat to live a healthier and longer life, and there will be less stray cats on the streets. Furthermore, cats should be given plenty of affection and love; this is because they depend on the owner’s companionship.

Finally, once an individual makes the decision to adopt a cat, it is crucial for the owner to take time to identify the type of cat that is most suitable to him. It is essential for a prospective owner of a cat to consider all options before arriving at a conclusion.


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