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The American constitution guarantees all its citizens equality regardless of the disparities existing due to socioeconomic factors. The manner in which the American society is structured influences the approaches used to improve the life of citizens. Different segments of the population have unique needs, which need to be addressed using the most efficient approaches. The most vulnerable group in these segments is the older Americans. In as much as everyone is entitled to receive certain benefits, consideration needs to be given on whether these individuals are actually in need of the provisions.

Basic benefits such as health coverage should be subjected to a needs assessment survey to determine the individuals who qualify. This is should be conducted in such a manner that the assessment takes into account the circumstances. The health system has an active private health care segment, which are normally accessed by economically advantaged persons. Thus, there is a high chance that some people may not actually access the universal health coverage benefits throughout their lifetime. Hence, whenever resources are equally distributed, such individuals may take advantage of the benefits for their own good.

Making the system selective may come with some disadvantages, which may affect the welfare of some old people. Economic conditions may change dramatically, consequently affecting the welfare of the economically advantaged persons. For example, older Americans have less chances of recovering from an economic loss compared to the younger generation. They may end up failing to pay for expensive life or health insurance premiums, which they initially afforded. Hence, benefits such as social security should be made accessible to older Americans in order to bridge the gap.

Finally, indeed, older Americans deserve to be included into some benefit schemes; however, there an assessment framework should be designed to ascertain their needs. The assessment should be progressive relative to the arising circumstances. This way, it will be possible to increase the efficiency of utilizing resources.


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